Consumer Engagement

Consumer Conversations for Empathy and Insights makes it easy for you to find global consumers, conduct online interviews, capture and then share insights across your organization. Whether you are a brand building a consumer connects program or an agency that needs flexibility in an online research platform, has a solution that fits.


Online Qualitative Research

All-in-one online qualitative platform built by insights professionals for insights professionals. We give you the technology and services to have more conversations with more consumers to make more informed business decisions.

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Consumer Connects Program

We’ve helped dozens of global brands build a full consumer connects program that spans across countries, functions and stages of the customer or product lifecycle.

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Customer Experience (CX) helps you put the Why into what consumers are thinking at scale. Combining the Voice of the Consumer with customer experience analytics creates true insights.

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Consumer Insights for Global Brands

Global Brands is a truly global technology and service platform with expertise in enabling consumer conversations in over 100 countries and dozens of languages. We work with consumer centric brands like Unilever, Mastercard and Mondelez International.

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Agencies & Consultancies Scale Consumer Conversations

Agencies & Consultancies

Agencies & consultancies that support brands need a flexible, cost effective platform to efficiently capture insights from conversations with consumers. meets you where you are whether you need a full suite of services from Recruiting to Translation or just the leading smart video platform - has you covered.

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Using qualitative interviews to improve product development

Product Development

Even with an Agile Process, the product development lifecycle is rife with assumptions and educated guesses. A programmatic approach to connecting with customers across the product lifecycle is critical to reduce risk and increase opportunities for advocacy.

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Brand Insights

Awareness metrics tend to be vague and backward facing. For professionals working on brand insights, you need a consistent way to get into the heads of consumers about what your brand means to different segments and how to compete in the challenging environment in front of you.

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HR Experience Conversations

Mobile User Experience (UX)

Your consumers are experiencing your brand on smartphones and tablets - how do you mobile webpages and apps stack up? Find out with Mobile Screen Share app.

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Virtual Focus Group Best Practices: 7 Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated adoption of digital experiences at an unprecedented rate. It seemed like the switch was flipped almost...

Case Studies

Mobile Shop Along for E-Commerce Insight with Unilever

     See how Unilever leverages the mobile screen share app to understand the user experience of consumers shopping for their...

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