Consumer Engagement

Consumer Conversations for Empathy and Insights makes it quick and easy for you to find global consumers, conduct interviews, and capture and share insights across your organization.



Connects Programs equip teams to have self-moderated, exploratory, and frequent conversations with consumers around the globe



Research projects conducted on leverage innovative technologies to make getting insights faster and easier


Why ConnectsInformal. Exploratory

  • Establish empathy for the consumer
  • Spread consumer-closeness within the organization
  • Shatter preconceptions
  • Develop deeper category understanding
  • Uncover unmet needs
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Build team excitement

Why ResearchExpert. Pointed

  • Understand the “why”
  • Streamline and simplify conducting research
  • Make agile decisions
  • Share insights across teams
  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Eliminate time-consuming travel

Use Cases

  • Developing broad understanding of consumers’ lives
  • Developing broad category understanding
  • Democratizing access to the consumer across the organization
  • Kickstarting understanding of consumers for new employees
  • Serving as pre-work for strategic workshops

Use Cases

  • Testing messages, ads, or concepts
  • Conducting light, in-home ethnography
  • Driving deep dives
  • Conducting agile, iterative research
  • Sending products for home testing and feedback
  • Assigning pre-work to delve deeper into during live sessions
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