Consumer Insights for Growing and Global Brands

Connect with consumers in a consistent, organized and effective way – across the organization, through the entire customer journey and around the world.

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Customer-Centric Insights at Scale

Build a truly customer-centric organization with a single platform that makes consumer conversations easy, fast and effective. Leverage our platform to connect and empathize with your customers by centralizing the multiple tools and steps required to setup, execute, evaluate, and scale qualitative research.

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Democratize Market Research Within Your Organization

Every single function in your organization that touches prospects or customers: product, marketing, sales, strategy, customer experience, research etc. can benefit from better insight from consumer conversations. A well-built consumer connects program expands Voice of Consumer beyond the insights team and creates an environment to find and talk to consumers regularly and deeply. We deliver the technical infrastructure, educational approach and support services to create and support this type of agile qualitative research program.

Building a Consumer Connects Program

How Brands Leverage

  • Planning for strategic meetings, focusing on an important consumer trend, regular “sanity check” conversations with your customers and so many other sparks for costumer engagement initiatives require an infrastructure and process to spin these up quickly

  • Listening to more consumers in more locations at different stages of their relationship with your brand leads to deeper understanding of the social trends that drive their perception. enables you to efficiently scale these conversations

  • Understanding consumers at a local level is critical for properly branding, naming or communicating products for entering new markets. Our global team is experienced and ready to assist conversations in over 100 countries.

  • Open conversations with consumers where you can ask, listen and probe in a more intimate environment (their home) creates the whitespace needed to get that Aha! moment of insight that can dramatically change the arch of a product.

Services Dedicated to Success

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Project Managment

Our project managers can screen candidates, organize schedules, and coordinate with service providers to make your project a breeze.

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Discussion Guide

Insights are only as good as the questions you ask. If you don't have a discussion guide, our team can write one for you.

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Screen Writing

Finding the most qualified participants starts with a good screener. Upload your own or have our team write one for you.

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Translation Services

Multinational brands need to understand global consumers. Eliminate language constraints with either simultaneous or consecutive translations.

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Moderations Services

Stakeholders can moderate themselves, request their favorite moderators, or use one of the professional moderators in our network.

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Human Transcription

Every session includes automatic transcription at no additional cost. For more nuanced documentation, upgrade to human transcription.

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Report Writing

Depending on your project’s needs, you can commission a topline, summary, or full report on the findings from your conversations.

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Live Tech Support

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to connect directly with customers. If you want extra help, add on live tech support to facilitate introductions and troubleshoot any connection issues.

Services Dedicated to Success

A suite of professional services to support your research at every stage.

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