Get Closer to Your Customers with Live Virtual Conversations

Learn more in less time and make better informed decisions with end-to-end qualitative research software designed for interactive virtual focus groups and live interviews.

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Save Time with Quick Research Set-Up

Spend less time on logistics and more time on your research design and objectives. Effortlessly schedule and coordinate sessions with one central hub that enables you to:

  • Send invitations
  • Manage respondents
  • Keep track of consent forms or pre-work
  • Set-up discussion guides or polls

Connect with People Across the Globe

Engage with your target audience around the world and from any desktop or mobile device with an easy-to-use browser-based platform. 

Designed for research conversations, Discuss has the tools you need all in one approach:

  • Dedicated observer backroom
  • Integrated discussion guides
  • Interactive Stimuli Sharing
  • Auto-clipping with ‘Save Moment’ button 
  • Live polling and analysis 
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Compile and deliver insights in record time

Find insights across interviews, without rewatching hours of videos. From built-in transcripts to auto-clipping, discover your key findings in minutes with AI-powered insights tools.

Scale Your Research

Bring insights to life by easily sharing customer voices. Get more people involved in the research process with easier access across roles and teams. With the Discuss Live platform, you can collaborate with team members and stakeholders using:

  • Dedicated observer backroom
  • Editable clips 
  • Custom highlight reels
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Our suite of professional services will support you at every research stage.

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