Discuss vs. Dscout

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Users have spoken... Discuss is proud to be a top market research tool!

Streamline your qualitative research with a video-first approach


Quick & easy project setup

Spend more time talking to consumers and less time on project logistics with a built-for research solution that automates setup.


Mastered the art of online video qual

With 10+ years of video qual experience, Discuss understands researchers' needs and innovates with that in mind.


Built for all

No matter your experience level, anyone looking to get close to their customers can take advantage of Discuss.

See why Discuss is the preferred video qual platform

The G2 '24 Consumer Video Feedback grid report is out!  Discuss is proud to be at the top. 

Adriane D
Adriane D

Fantastic experience, highly recommend!

The platform is really easy to use and very intuitive to navigate. The tech support is readily available so anytime a respondent drops off they're there to get them back right away.

Jasmin A
Jasmin A

Amazing platform

I really liked the ability to search through all the transcripts within the platform. This helped me analyze the findings quicker without compromising quality. This platform is easy to use and a real hit with our clients.

Lauren M
Lauren M

Best MR platform out there today

What I like best about Discuss.io is how intuitive it is. Feels like they've thought of everything - and it's very obvious that ti's been designed by and for researchers.

Katie S
Katie S

Discuss.io is the perfect one-stop-shop!

I like how easy and accessible the platform is for everyone (our research team + the clients). In addition, the team that backs it is exceptional. The level of service is far and away better than other platforms claiming to do the same.


Why choose Discuss over Dscout?

As of March 2024

Live Video ResearchCheck IconOnly 1-1's
Asynchronous ResearchCheck IconCheck Icon
Mobile UXCheck IconCheck Icon
Automated TranscriptsCheck IconCheck Icon
Highlight Reel CreationCheck IconCheck Icon
Generative AI CapabilitiesCheck IconCheck Icon
Automated ClippingCheck IconX Icon
Live Interview Discussion GuideCheck IconX Icon
Pre-Recorded ResearchCheck IconX Icon
Application HostingChrome, Safari, Firefox, & EdgeChrome & Native App
Localized Languages20+ languages8 languages
G2 Grid ReportsSatisfaction: 89; Overall: 72Satisfaction: 32; Overall: 47

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