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How FSI Strategy is using Discuss to execute their Healthcare qualitative research

About FSI Strategy

FSI Strategy is a market research and innovation firm. Using behavioral science and anthropology, they create powerful qualitative solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

“Generic web conferencing tools were scary for me to use because as a project manager, my responsibility is to first and foremost protecting respondent PII”

Corrie Griesedieck, Project Manager

FSI Strategy was using common web conferencing tools in an attempt to bring the customer voice to life. While these are great for web meetings, they were causing challenges across four main areas in their research process:

Scheduling and Coordination wasted hours every week
Pre-Discuss, project managers scheduled dozens of interviews a week from their personal work calendars — causing them to spend an extra 2 hours each week on scheduling and coordination.

No ability to hide PII (Personal Identifiable Information)
Hiding PII is crucial in market research, and even more so in the healthcare and pharma industry. Prior to Discuss, the tools being used didn’t allow PII to be hidden which increased risk and liability.

Involving observers was complex
When joining sessions, observers had to watch sessions from the project managers’ shared screen in order to keep respondents’ information safe and comply with HIPAA, which was a less-than-ideal experience for both project managers as well as observers.

No tech support
When interviewing respondents, there’s a multitude of potential tech issues they might have. But pre-Discuss, there was no easy way to ensure respondent tech was checked or to have real-time assistance on the interview should any technical issue arise.


As part of a digital transformation initiative, FSI Strategy was looking for a simple, easy-to-use qualitative approach that would help their team create efficiencies in their research process. After evaluating several different tools, they found that Discuss best solved the pains they were experiencing when conducting live qualitative research.

A few of the key capabilities of Discuss that the team became huge fans of include:

Respondent Hub – Customize and automate scheduling from one central place

Privacy features – Tailorable privacy settings that allow you to limit PII, blur recordings, and anonymize respondents

Observer simplicity – Keep observers hidden in a dedicated backroom where they have no video or audio capabilities

Save moment – One click to create 30-second memorable moments during live interviews

Highlight reels – Instantly create video reports with clips, transitions, and uploaded media

With this robust platform, the FSI team found running projects with Healthcare Providers (HCPs), who can be hard to reach and schedule, much easier. For example, in a recent study, these features were game changers as they met with HCPs to uncover why one medication was not being prescribed over its competitors. The risk was minimized, the time and effort involved in organizing were minimized, and the client loved the observer backroom experience, which made FSI look great.


“Time savings are everything. Since using Discuss, we have been able to save 3+ hours per session”

Corrie Griesedieck, Project Manager

With Discuss, FSI is now able to deliver a more seamless, secure experience for their clients and respondents and has seen a noticeable decrease in the amount of time it takes to set up, manage, execute, and deliver impactful insights.

Hundreds of hours saved – With project managers no longer having to manage the invite process, drive multiple web conference apps to keep observers separate from respondents or download hour-long videos into video editing software to create highlight reels, dozens of hours were easily saved for every project.

Human error minimized – Prior to Discuss, between using multiple tools for scheduling, conducting interviews, creating, and editing highlight reels, there were simply too many opportunities for human error throughout the process. With one easy-to-use platform, most of those areas were now eliminated.

Risk mitigated – Today’s business climate demands the highest standards when it comes to privacy protections for all involved in the research process. With Discuss, FSI could be confident that they could meet the highest privacy standards of any client they work with around the world or in any industry, such as healthcare.

Client satisfaction reached new heights – With observers able to easily save key moments, easily engage in backroom chats, and do it all within the Discuss platform made for experiences that delighted all

More insights gleaned – Between the overall ease of use for all involved, tech-related issues being virtually eliminated during live sessions, and the ability to easily save key moments, FSI was only saving people’s time but also able to increase the quality of their final outputs and takeaways for clients.

Show rates increased – Each and every interview is a significant investment, so respondents canceling or not showing up can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of a project. With Discuss, built-in reminders and tools for checking respondent tech led to fewer cancellations and no shows.

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