on-demand global consumer insights

We help marketers understand global consumers. Our video conversation platform for online market research makes it quick and easy to:

 Recruit Participants

 Conduct One-on-One and Group Conversations

 Share Findings Across the Enterprise

Consumer Engagement in 3 easy steps

What solutions does our online platform offer?

Recruitment and Project Setup

Global recruitment is customizable and on-demand. Project setup includes options for professional services.

Live Video Conversations

Speak with consumers one-on-one or in a group, share stimuli, and allow your team to observe without disrupting.

Shareable Insights Across the Enterprise

Share archived insights across the enterprise easily with searchable transcripts, simple video editing.

Our Services

What professional services do we offer?

Real Business Impact

What are the benefits of using Discuss.io?

On-Demand Consumer Insights

Speak with consumers within days of setting up your project.

Better Decision Making

Make agile decisions based on real consumer feedback.

Faster Time to Market

On-demand conversations enable more rapid decision making. 

Real-Time Global Reach

Speak with consumers around the world without leaving your office.

What our customers say about us

Unilever Logo

“Discuss.io has fundamentally disrupted the way Unilever approaches connecting with consumers and global focus groups.”


Consumer & Market Insights Director of Research Innovation, UNILEVER

future-advisor logo

“Discuss allows us to quickly execute high-quality qualitative research without the long lead times associated with in-person market research.”


Customer Research Manager, FUTUREADVISOR

Unilever Logo

“The Discuss.io agile research method provides the elusive trifecta: faster, cheaper and better.”


Sr. Vice President of Consumer & Market Insights Director of Research Innovation, UNILEVER

Qualtrics Logo

“I have to say that this work we did for our federal government client using discuss.io was the best in-depth interview / ethnography research that I’ve ever delivered.”


Senior Research Scientist, QUALTRICS

Lynx Research

“This is great, I can easily offer this as an option to our clients. I don’t think anyone out there can compete directly with this technology!”



“Their online technology has allowed me to conduct excellent full service research quickly and efficiently with groups full of respondents from all over the country.”


Researcher & Brand Strategist


“We know that when technology is involved, it is so very important to have the cooperation, help and a willing attitude of our facility partners. The Discuss team was great to work with.”


Managing Director, SIGMA RESEARCH


“With Discuss.io, Apptitude was able to determine the feasibility, demand, and price range of an internal product we were looking to launch for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The intelligence gathered through the interviews was invaluable.”



JSI Logo

“As a moderator, it gives me HUGE comfort and confidence to know that the team has ‘my back’ and allows me to focus on the respondents and client objectives.”



Consumer engagement starts with conversation

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Consumer engagement starts with conversation