Helping Marketers Understand Global Consumers
Helping Marketers Understand Global Consumers
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The smart video platform for conversations that count

We’ve hosted over 250,000 people across more than 100 countries on our purpose-built platform for major brands and agencies to efficiently capture insights from consumers, clients and employees.

Much more than just a video platform, is the leading consumer conversation platform that helps business professionals make smarter decisions at a higher velocity.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

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“If Zoom and Facebook Rooms and Google Meet are the Honda Accords of video conferencing then is the Rolls-Royce.”
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“Great Product, Great Team” 4.9/5 Stars on 16 reviews on Capterra.

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Gartner selects as one of the 25 best enterprise SaaS software platforms to watch in 2020.

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Quirk’s Magazine selected as one of the top 20 Online Insights Platforms in their July/August 2020 edition.

Voice of Customer

Agile approach to understanding customers

  • Live Feedback

    Have ongoing, exploratory conversations that allow you to probe and clarify in real time.

  • Dive Deep

    Drill into specific questions where you need more clarity.

Whether you want to talk directly to consumers yourself or hire an expert moderator, we can help.

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Report Writing
Human Transcription
Screener Writing
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Product & Services
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Product & Services

Screener Writing
Discussion Guide
Human Transcription
Product & Services
Moderation Services
Translation Services
Report Writing

Quickly and easily have live conversations with customers, clients or employees anywhere in the world

  • Purpose-built live video platform for interviewing customers one-on-one and in groups.
  • Professional, pre-qualified network of experts to provide moderation, translation and insights reporting services.
  • Recruiting available in over 80 countries.


We are the leading enterprise-level consumer conversation platform trusted by Fortune 100 companies everywhere.
Our platform is secure, reliable, and scalable enough to meet any market need.


  • ISO 27001 certified and privacy (GDPR) compliant
  • Robust access and permission controls
  • SSO-enabled


  • Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands
  • 99.99% site uptime SLA and proactive alerts
  • Automated fraud and abuse monitoring


  • Support for multiple languages ensures geographic consistency
  • Operational in 95 countries
  • Ideal for global programs has fundamentally disrupted the way Unilever approaches connecting with consumers and global focus groups. The agile research method provides the elusive trifecta: faster, cheaper and better.

Stan Sthanunathan
SVP, CMI - Unilever

Discuss IO is a great way to understand our consumers on the ground, in our key countries.  I have been impressed with how quickly the interviews can be set up, the quality of the recruits and the flexibility of the Discuss IO platform.  Discuss IO has been instrumental in helping our global teams reconnect with our consumers and ensure that the voice of our consumers is being heard in meetings!

Mariline Alsuar-Dean

Our teams are discovering consumer insights faster by taking a more agile approach to research using’s platform and network of research experts provide a flexible solution that can be optimized for each project.

Oliver Roberts
Brand & Marketing Performance Lead - GSK is an easy tool to get inspired by real consumer feedback. Using, we can first uncover a consumer need, and then find products and ways to fulfil them. Being more consumer-centric will increase the growth of our brands.

Caroline Verkest
Senior Market Researcher - Telenet made it extremely easy for us to connect with our consumers. Having conversations with these consumers uncovered insights that we would have never discovered through a likert scale and with a speed that isn’t possible in-person.

Christiane Lippert
Global Marketing Head - Lycored
Pulse of the industry


See the value of infusing the voice and face of customer in your decision-making

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