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Faster Speed

Schedule sessions in minutes, recruit in 24-48 hours, gather insights in days. Faster speed results in rapid turnarounds for your research. 

Cost Savings

With 10x greater value than traditional methods, you can stretch your research budget further.

Reduced Time to Market

Reduce time spent on research and reduce the time it takes to get your product to market.

Quality Participants & Moderators

Participants from our 15 million person global community are first vetted before reaching you. Use one of our experienced moderators or bring your own. 

Quality Insights

Quality participants lead to quality insights. Actionable insights lead to real results.

Global Recruiting

Consumers who were previously inaccessible in other parts of the world are now at your fingertips without ever having to leave the office.

No Travel

Zero travel allows you to lower your costs and produce faster turnarounds.

Decreased Carbon Footprint

Zero travel allows you to make an environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Customers

We partner with the world’s leading brands

Two Distinct Product Offerings

Conduct Online Qualitative Market Research

Online Consumer In-Depth Interviews (IDI)

Online Focus Groups

Gather detailed, in-depth insights by speaking one-on-one with global consumers.


Understand diverse perspectives by speaking with up to 6 global consumers simultaneously.



Webcam Interviews
Speak with up to 6 simultaneous participants via online focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) and get recorded videos of the sessions.
Programmatic Recruitment
Recruit from your own lists or from a global community of over 15 million people in as little as 48 hours.
Phone Dialing
Connect with respondents who do not have internet access via a phone line in order to bridge them into the video conference.
Whiteboard Tools
Have participants markup stimuli, including images and web pages to gather honest feedback.
Get simultaneous translation to English from other major languages through backroom audio that can be downloaded at the end of the session.
Keep track of participants’ emotions during and after the sessions by flagging their location in the recorded video.
Create highlight reels of pertinent clips using simple “drag and drop” editing tools and bring respondents’ quotes to life. Share clips to collaborate with colleagues.
Download machine or human generated searchable transcripts that are automatically synchronized to the video.
Keyword Search
Search and easily find keywords in their exact location within the video and transcript.


Unilever Logo
Marie Wolfe
Consumer & Market Insights Director of Research Innovation

Discuss.io has fundamentally disrupted the way Unilever approaches connecting with consumers and global focus groups.

future-advisor logo
Brittani Baxter
Customer Research Manager

Discuss allows us to quickly execute high-quality qualitative research without the long lead times associated with in-person market research.

Unilever Logo
Stan Sthanunathan
Sr. Vice President of Consumer & Market Insights

The Discuss.io agile research method provides the elusive trifecta: faster, cheaper and better.

Qualtrics Logo
Carol Sue Haney
Senior Research Scientist

I have to say that this work we did for our federal government client using discuss.io was the best in-depth interview / ethnography research that I’ve ever delivered.

Lynx Research
Lynx Research

This is great, I can easily offer this as an option to our clients. I don’t think anyone out there can compete directly with this technology!

Brooke Rothman
Researcher & Brand Strategist

Their online technology has allowed me to conduct excellent full service research quickly and efficiently with groups full of respondents from all over the country.

Foster Winter
Sigma Research
Managing Director

We know that when technology is involved, it is so very important to have the cooperation, help and a willing attitude of our facility partners. The Discuss team was great to work with.

Chris Boyd

With Discuss.io, Apptitude was able to determine the feasibility, demand, and price range of an internal product we were looking to launch for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The intelligence gathered through the interviews was invaluable.

JSI Logo
Joy Steinberg
JSI Marketing

As a moderator, it gives me HUGE comfort and confidence to know that the team has ‘my back’ and allows me to focus on the respondents and client objectives.

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