Discuss Genie, Your Generative AI Assistant

Genie helps you spend less time on the labor-intensive parts of qualitative research and makes your whole team look like geniuses – working smarter, better, and faster.

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Genie Capabilities Coming Soon!

Genie is being built to provide real-time assistance at every step of the qualitative research process.

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Real-Time Assistance


Upscale Your Teams


Get to Insights Faster

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Headache-Free Research Setup

Writing a screener that captures the right audience or thought-provoking questions for usage tests can be hard. In the future, Genie will be able to help you get started so you can shorten your setup time.

Help Anyone Moderate Like a Pro

Turn anyone into a qualitative expert. With the help of autogenerated discussion guides and save moments, Genie will be able to help you ask the right questions in the right ways and even provide tips to improve your moderation skills.

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Uncover Insights

Insights in an Instant

Spend less time analyzing your findings and more time delivering impactful insights. With Genie, turn around insights in a click so you can make faster decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Genie?

Get early access to Genie on any Discuss project. When early access closes (Fall 2023), Genie will be available as an add-on to your current subscription. 

Where can I use Genie?

Genie will be available across your research process. Today you can use her to summarize your feedback — helping you streamline your reporting.

Will my data be kept private?

Genie is leveraging an API connection with OpenAI that is secure and private and only references the data for your specific project. 

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