The Discuss Partner Ecosystem

Conduct research your way. Seamlessly connect your research with the tools and services you love.

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Why work with a Discuss Partner?

To truly transform market research, we believe that you need a purpose-built platform to serve as a foundation that also seamlessly works to connect your different tech and processes.

Connected Research Technologies

Break down silos by integrating with platforms that you already use. With Discuss' Robust API, bring your own tech stack and plug them into your video qualitative research on Discuss.

Experts at Your Fingertips

Whether you need access to a community or an agency partner, Discuss has an ecosystem to support your needs — bringing qualitative experts across industries to your fingertips.


Streamline Insights

Streamlining your path to insights with an ecosystem of trusted technologies and services that allow you to deliver best-in-class solutions without extending timelines or adding complexities.


Partnership Types

When working with Discuss, take advantage of industry-leading tools that help you improve efficiency, connect and automate research, and make better use of data for actionable insights.

Technology Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with the platforms you are already using and add more research technology to your toolkit with the Discuss Robust API.

Strategic Partners

Plug Discuss into the work you are already doing with our Strategic Partners. Allowing you to work with one technology or consultancy for any research initiative.

Research Services

Access an ecosystem of qualitative research experts to help you answer your research objectives.

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Featured Partners

Alida’s experience management software helps you anticipate, prioritize, and respond to customer needs faster so you can increase revenue and reduce churn. Discuss integrates with Alida to deliver seamless video insights at scale to their customers.

Buzzback is a global research consultancy driving growth through consumer understanding. With our human-led, tech-driven approach, we connect clients to consumers worldwide. Buzzback’s strategic integration with Discuss helps you address challenges in concept & comms development, brand positioning, and more.

Fuel Cycle's unified technology and partner ecosystem connects brands to their key audiences while enabling insights that ignite action. Fuel Cycle pairs Discuss' API integration with their ecosystem to give their customers access to a purpose-built video research platform.

User Interviews connects researchers to quality participants unbelievably fast. Sourcing from a pool of 2.4 million participants, they can reach nearly any target audience. Discuss works with User Interviews to quickly and seamlessly bring you articulate respondents from around the world.

Simporter's AI software automates your new product research, including ideation research, prelaunch forecasting, marketing simulations, and product monitoring. Simporter pairs well with Discuss for seamless quant and qual solutions for early consumer insights and concept validation.

Highlight's in-home product testing platform streamlines everything from recruit to data set, including all the logistics of getting your product to your target customers. Highlight works with Discuss to combine in-home research and video insights.

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