Category Archives: in GreenBook — Market Research in 2022 Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in GreenBook:  Well, it’s the close of another year (and what a year it was!) and while that means many things to many people, for me it means one of my favorite annual events: our year-ahead Market Research Predictions! This year I reached out to many of the best and brightest... Read More in Econsultancy — Customer experience in 2022 Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Econsultancy:  What is in store for CX and UX in 2022? We’ve had some clues in 2021 – sustainability, inclusion, privacy, user-centricity, video, automation, empathy and trust. How will these play out in customer experience over the next 12 months? We asked the experts… Jim Longo, “Qualitative market research functions will integrate... Read More featured in Quirk’s 18 Top Online Qualitative Research Companies featured in Quirk's Media's '18 Top Online Qualitative Research Companies'  A key realization over the past two pandemic years has been just how effective - and often necessary - the internet can be for working successfully. The pressure cooker of COVID-19 has contributed to a swath of online qualitative research solutions that improved or transformed... Read More in Quirk’s Media — 3 ways CX and insights teams are future-proofing for 2022 Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Quirk's Media:  Over the past year, organizations have faced a new foe in attracting and retaining customers: an entirely new business environment, shaken under the weight of inflation, labor shortages, supply chain and pandemic-related disruptions. Under these new market conditions, one thing remains certain: strong customer experience (CX) is a... Read More Ranked in GeekWire 200 as Top PNW Startup was recently recognized as a top startup in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) by GeekWire, a national technology news site with strong roots in the Seattle region and a large audience of loyal, tech-savvy readers around the globe. The GeekWire 200 is a ranked index of Pacific Northwest startups using publicly available data to identify... Read More in Quirk’s Media — Combining quantitative and qualitative analytics Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Quirk's Media:  As market researchers, we have unlimited access to mountains of big data and endless statistics about our customers’ every move. And because we have this, companies can get the unwarranted sense of knowing customers well. Many brands think they can predict consumers’ next moves. With access to... Read More in E-Commerce Times — Big Business Can Learn About Customer Closeness From D2C Brands Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in E-Commerce Times: News of direct-to-consumer (D2C) prescription glasses retailer Warby Parker and its IPO in late September put all eyes on the D2C pioneer's business model. Warby reached a $6 billion valuation, 50 percent higher than its valuation in 2020, with much fanfare and anticipation for similar IPOs like... Read More

APPEALIE Honors in 2021 SaaS Awards

APPEALIE has announced the winners of the 2021 SaaS Awards. 41 SaaS apps were recognized for their demonstrated excellence and customer outcomes. Winning SaaS platforms included, Hopin, Intercom, Workato and Xero. As software becomes more ubiquitous in our work and personal lives, the expectations of the users are continually growing. “Our highly selective award honors... Read More in Informa Connect Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Informa Connect: The digital transformation of online qualitative research has been a boon to chief insights officers looking to scale. Virtual customer feedback has meant greater access to respondents, their voices... Read More