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To eliminate confusion between Forsta's product "Discussions" we have created a comparison page for you to utilize as you evaluate qualitative market research tools.

Users have spoken... Discuss is proud to be a top market research tool!

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The G2 2024 Report on Consumer Video Feedback is out! Users have spoken and Discuss is proud to be chosen and rated higher compared to Forsta.

Adriane D
Adriane D

Fantastic experience, highly recommend!

The platform is really easy to use and very intuitive to navigate. The tech support is readily available so anytime a respondent drops off they're there to get them back right away.

Jasmin A
Jasmin A

Amazing platform

I really liked the ability to search through all the transcripts within the platform. This helped me analyze the findings quicker without compromising quality. This platform is easy to use and a real hit with our clients.

Lauren M
Lauren M

Best MR platform out there today

What I like best about Discuss.io is how intuitive it is. Feels like they've thought of everything - and it's very obvious that ti's been designed by and for researchers.

Katie S
Katie S

Discuss.io is the perfect one-stop-shop!

I like how easy and accessible the platform is for everyone (our research team + the clients). In addition, the team that backs it is exceptional. The level of service is far and away better than other platforms claiming to do the same.


Why choose Discuss over Forsta?

As of March 2024

FeaturesDiscussForsta Discussions
Live Video ResearchCheck IconCheck Icon
Asynchronous ResearchCheck IconRequires adding another product
Automated TranscriptsCheck IconCheck Icon
Observer BackroomCheck IconCheck Icon
Generative AI CapabilitiesCheck IconX Icon
Pre-Recorded ResearchCheck IconCheck Icon
Consent FormsCheck IconX Icon
Pre-Work for LiveCheck IconRequires adding another product
Live Support Check IconRequires changing to Intervu
G2 Grid ReportsLeaderLowest in customer satisfaction and niche

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  • User Friendly

  • Intuitive

  • Innovative Product Vision

Get more out of your insights technology with Discuss the better solution for video qualitative research.


The Platform Difference

At Discuss we own and build our own platform. This means we have control of our technology, video stability, and can provide the best quality experience for both our customers and respondents.


The Company Difference

Discuss has a clear vision of helping our customers turn experiences into insights. We are a focused and innovative partner for all your digital qualitative research now and in the future.

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