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Innovation starts with you. We encourage our teams to dream big and break barriers. We’re changing market research and building products to simplify the way this multi-billion dollar industry operates.

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We envision a world in which every marketer can engage directly with consumers no matter where they live, through fast and easy online conversations. Conversations reveal consumer insights that help brands build empathy and understanding, and result in products people actually want to buy.

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Our Team

Innovation starts with you. We encourage our teams to dream big and break barriers.

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Simon Glass CEO
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Trevor Frazier Director of Finance
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Jim Longo Co-Founder & VP, Research Solutions
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Karen Lindley VP, Global Customer Success
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Zach Simmons Founder and President
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David Wylie VP, Engineering
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Ashley Wali VP, Product
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Jan Harley Founder & Managing Director at Singularity Venture Adviser
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Mark Sherrington Chief Strategy Officer at G=mc2
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Ziv Ben Barouch Founding Partner Pereg Ventures
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Graham Bashill Chairman of the Board, System 1 Group PLC
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Dan Beltramo CEO at AirPR
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Open Opportunities is looking for talented people help us change the market research industry.

At, I feel empowered to be creative and to take innovative approaches to solve different challenges. My team pushes me to go above and beyond, while also giving me the support that I need to be able to succeed.

Juan Porta
Senior Service Delivery Manager

I love the team culture at I know that someone always has my back and is willing to step in to help if I need it. And I am happy to do the same for them. We’re all in this together!

Luciana Rozenbaum
Senior Project Manager

Working at, I am encouraged to always keep the client’s needs top-of-mind. Every day, I get to build innovative products that solve problems for our clients. I love knowing that my work directly makes their lives easier.

Ashley Wali
Technical Program Director
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