Innovation Driving Next Gen Insight

We believe in the transformative impact of people’s experiences, recognizing their critical role in fostering empathy and human centricity.

Trusted by the leading Market Insights, CX, and UX professionals worldwide, Discuss goes beyond data points, delivering in-depth insights in real-time and transforming customer relationships.

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Our Vision

Giving voice to people’s experiences to drive next gen insights and outcomes

When we amplify the ‘voice of the customer,’ at the heart of what we do is to connect people and their experiences to organizations. From rich, in-depth insights comes inspiration and a new level of understanding that can inform decisions at every level.

Today, organizations are being evaluated by their impact on people’s lives — whether by company values, sustainability goals, or more importantly, their capacity for empathy. We believe that truly listening, understanding and valuing customers' experiences is critical for empathy and customer-centricity.

Our Leadership

The visionaries behind Discuss dream big and break barriers.

Simon Glass
CEO, Board Director
Jim Longo
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Tiana Dietz
Head of People Operations
Karen Lindley
VP, Global Customer Operations
Adam Mertz
Chief Growth Officer
Jilleun Eglin
Sr. Director of Product
Jeff Tagliabue
Chief Financial Officer
Cayleigh McCarthy
Global Director of Customer Success
Jesse Thomson
VP, Engineering
Graham Bashill
Chairman of the Board, System 1 Group PLC, Board Director
Simon Glass
CEO, Board Director
Zach Simmons
Co-Founder and President, Board Director
Ziv Ben Barouch
Founding Partner Pereg Ventures, Active Board Chairman

Core Values



We put empathy at the forefront of everything we do internally and externally. We seek to deeply understand, we assume positive intent, and we consider other perspectives in our approach towards our customers, our work, and each other.



We know we work best when we work together - we’re a team of incredible people and everything we do is made better by shared perspectives. We collaborate to innovate, to find the idea or angle we couldn’t see on our own, and we delight in each other’s ideas and successes.

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We focus on our customers unwaveringly and with intent. We work tirelessly to solve their problems - the ones they know they have and the ones they didn’t see coming. Our deep customer connections enable us to lead where others follow, and to provide a truly unparalleled customer experience.


Out Innovate

We’re never comfortable, even when we’re at the top. We don’t just innovate, we out innovate everyone around us. We look for the better, smarter, faster, more efficient and genuinely mind blowing in all that we do.



Great isn’t good enough. We want to be truly excellent in everything we do, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable, with compassion and an eye towards helping each other, for work and outcomes that are anything less.


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