Providing Insights for Marketing Decision Making


  • Record, edit, find and share consumer interview videos.
  • Make recommendations based on consumer videos.
  • Use instant insights for effective ad and sales promotion.

Real Time Analysis

  • Recruit criteria-defined participants for research.
  • Conduct one-on-one interviews and group discussions.
  • Observe behaviors and beliefs by probing and clarifying with participants.

Project Value

  • Provide ongoing access to the data behind your deliverables.
  • Search video archive.
  • Improve new projects by building on previous work.

Everything You Need, In One Unified Platform

Clip Maker
Create highlight reels of favorite clips using simple “drag and drop” tools.

HD Audio and Video Capture
Auto-capture audio and video, no desktop software required.

Automatic or human-created, searchable and time-coded.

Live, in-session translation to and from the world’s largest languages.

Global Reach
Millions of panelists in developed and emerging markets in over 25 countries.

Competitive Cost
Proprietary web-based technology cuts overhead and waste.

Faster than the World Turns
Record-setting research timelines cut development cycles.

Always On
Cloud archival of records makes your research available worldwide.

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Truly Innovative Technology’s next-generation online platform can provide accurate results, real-time market insights and broader reach!

Discuss.IO, a leader among qualitative market research companies, provides an array of project support tools for qualitative research. Our online research platform can be used to generate usable consumer data for brands and research agencies of all sizes and budgets. The platform leverages cutting-edge participant recruitment techniques, advanced video streaming and processing tools to deliver smart consumer insights.

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A Research Tool Built for Marketers

Webcam Interviews

On-demand recorded video chat rooms with document markup tools. Cloud-based software platform compatible with all major browsers.


Create highlight reels of favorite clips using simple “drag and drop” tools. Easily share project videos with colleagues and clients.


Recruiting & participant management using your sample source or field service or recruit from a 11 million person community.

Searchable Transcripts

An automatically transcribed, keyword-searchable transcript is synchronized to your video deliverable within hours of your session.

Fast Turnaround Time

Initiate projects in minutes. Complete projects in days instead of weeks.

Technical Support

Free software training and unlimited live technical support from your dedicated project manager.