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Whether you need a rock-solid video platform purpose-built for consumer conversations or if you need a complete set of market research services like recruitment, translation or moderation – has you covered around the world with a flexible solution.

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Flexible Smart Video Platform for Agencies & Consultancies was built from the ground up to give market research and CX teams a way to scale qualitative research. Seven years ago, the experts said it couldn’t be done but we’ve helped brands and agencies execute over 250,000 conversations across 100 countries. We meet you where you are – if you need just the technology platform, a full suite of services or a mix – we can help.

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Key Capabilities for Before, During and After Interviews is the most complete online qualitative platform available. Our agency and consultancy clients refer to our platform as “intuitive”, “easy to use” and “comprehensive”. We enable you to focus on respondents, moderation and insights that generate value for your clients and more work for you.

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  • You want to deliver the insights your clients expect. Our Save the Moment capture and bookmarking to comments makes it clear where they have seen something interesting that you can build into your presentation.

  • Wrangling panelist has never been easier with our new Respondent Management Hub. We’ve combined recruiting, screening, scheduling, status management and incentive management into a simple workflow to save you time and headaches.

  • You’ve got a hot project opportunity and need pricing for 4 focus groups, with 6 people each in 3 different countries. The quote app gives you an immediate estimate and a confirmed price within 24 hours so you can propose your services with confidence.

  • Your focus should be on respondents, insights and sharing – not technical support. We include experienced support for all of your projects to monitor, help and respond to issues so you focus on the value you bring. If you want project management, we can help you with that as well.

  • The new Mobile Screen Share app let’s you bring in your respondents mobile device into the conversation. See what they are doing on their phone or tablet – including apps, home screens and mobile web pages – and help your clients improve their mobile experience. Currently in beta – want to be part of it?

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What’s blocking you from actionable insights and scaled consumer closeness? We believe it all starts with a conversation.

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