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Why Quadrant Strategies Switched from Web Conferencing Tools to Discuss for Conducting Qualitative Research

Adopting a scalable all-in-one qual platform increased client satisfaction and research efficiency while enabling revenue growth for this market research agency.

Quadrant Strategies

Quadrant uses market research to help the world’s leading companies navigate their most important brand and reputation challenges. They deliver incisive strategies, built on the right data, and backed by dedicated client service.


Quadrant, much like other market research agencies, faced the ongoing challenge of utilizing web conferencing tools that, while functional, were not optimized for qualitative research. This limitation led to inconsistencies in the execution of their qualitative research projects.

Like many in the field, Quadrant also felt the mounting pressure to produce high-quality final reports within increasingly tight timeframes. This challenge demanded Quadrant reassess the tools they were using, aiming not only to optimize their processes but also to provide solutions to enhance observer engagement and ease of use.

Ultimately, the core issue for Quadrant revolved around the inadequacy of web conferencing platforms for qualitative research.


Quadrant adopted Discuss’ all-in-one platform, which features both asynchronous and live research elements packaged in a ‘research seat’ based model that enables unlimited use of the platform for all research users. This unlimited model also offers essential services and support for all of Quadrant’s research projects and includes the following:

Asynchronous Research
With Discuss’ asynchronous research capabilities, Quadrant can conduct video feedback for their clients through in-store shop-alongs, in-home usage testing, unboxing, unmoderated usability testing, video open-ends, and more.  

Live Research
Quadrant leverages Discuss’ platform for live virtual qual (IDIs, virtual focus groups, etc,) as a tool for an all-in-one approach including usage of the platforms’:

  • Dedicated observer backroom
  • Integrated discussion guides
  • Interactive Stimuli Sharing
  • Auto-clipping with ‘Save Moment’ button 
  • Live polling and analysis 

For market research agencies like Quadrant, scaling qualitative research requires a comprehensive suite of services that goes beyond mere technological solutions. This entails live tech assistance throughout interviews, recruitment of high-quality respondents, and comprehensive aid in both pre- and post-interview stages, encompassing project setup, screener formulation, and report composition.


1. Time savings and operational harmony with a purpose-built, all-in-one platform

With the adoption of Discuss, Quadrant eliminated the need for multiple tools, resulting in the streamlining of training processes and operational efficiencies.

  • Time Savings
    With fewer tools to familiarize themselves with, the learning curve was noticeably reduced for new hires who found it easier to grasp how to use the platform. Even individuals who had not previously moderated qualitative research sessions found it straightforward to grasp the platform’s functionalities, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive training resources.
  • Platform Consolidation
    The transition to a single platform minimized confusion and complexity, fostering a more cohesive work environment where everyone understood the tools and processes involved. This cohesion translated into more successful project completions, as team members could focus their efforts on conducting high-quality research rather than navigating disparate tools and systems.
  • Secure Research Repository
    With Discuss’ capacity to store research insights and serve as a research repository, Quadrant is no longer burdened by scattered recordings and personally identifiable information (PII) across various online meeting platforms. They can efficiently manage research data and delete outdated information, simplifying data protection and privacy compliance.

With Discuss, Quadrant has become a well-oiled machine, operating seamlessly and efficiently using the same platform across all stages of the research process. 

2. Investment in Discuss has driven revenue growth due to an unlimited research model

Since 2020, Quadrant’s growth has been aided by its significant investments in technology. Discuss’ platform, in particular, revolutionized the scale and processes of their qualitative research, significantly enhancing both the quality and professionalism of their services.

Discuss’ unlimited usage model empowered Quadrant with flexibility to undertake additional projects without incurring extra costs, encouraging the exploration of more opportunities and the expansion of their client base. With this model, Quadrant could conduct more research using the same financial resources. Moreover, Discuss’ comprehensive features, available through the unlimited usage model, optimized the entire research lifecycle for Quadrant, from project setup to data analysis. This streamlined process accelerated project timelines, enabling Quadrant to manage a greater workload with reduced human effort while maintaining exceptional quality.

“One of the advantages of the unlimited pricing model is its appeal to clients who prefer not to pay on a per-session basis. This simplifies our pricing structure and allows us to standardize on Discuss for all our qualitative research projects. As a result, budgeting and pricing projects have become much more straightforward because we no longer have fluctuating variables.”

3. Exceeding client expectations and elevating industry standing

The quality of Discuss’ platform not only met clients’ immediate research needs but also positioned Quadrant as a trusted partner for future projects, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in the industry and boosting client retention.

“We have clients coming to us and asking us what software we’re using because they’re so impressed by it. Some of our really large global tech customers even make their own, but they’re coming to us excited about how easy yet powerful the Discuss qual platform is.”

Seamless user experience:

Discuss’ platform offers an effortless user experience for observers, enabling them to:

  • Join conversations seamlessly without requiring an account or login credentials.
  • Save key moments in real-time with a simple click.
  • Engage in private discussions with other observers and moderators in the backroom chat.

Delivering the “wow” factor:

The platform’s features empower Quadrant to:

  • Easily share saved moments or highlight reels with clients at any research stage, without the need for video editing skills or additional software.
  • Ensure data security and privacy by eliminating the risk of clients inadvertently accessing respondent PII.
  • Provide a white-glove experience with the assistance of Discuss’ live technical support services.

Overall, the adoption of Discuss brought about a fundamental shift in Quadrant’s approach to qualitative research, enabling them to deliver results with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency. By embracing a unified platform, Quadrant was able to streamline its operations, minimize disruptions, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for both their team and their clients.

Discover how Quadrant is navigating the evolving terrain of GenAI in market research in this webinar. 

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