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Which industries use Discuss.io?

Consumer Goods

Speak with consumers to get a deeper understanding of their needs, leading to meaningful and actionable insights for brands.


Speak with consumers across the globe to gather insights on any product ranging from laundry detergents to all purpose cleaners.


Connect with patients and healthcare professionals and cover a range of topics from new medical devices to clinical research.

Global Development

Direct access to citizens allows governments and NGOs to focus on the hard-hitting problems faced in their countries.

How can they use Discuss.io?

Home Ethnography

Interact with and follow around participants in their homes without ever leaving your office.

Concept Testing

Test product concepts with consumers to draw insights and incorporate user feedback.

Ad Testing

Connect directly with consumers to gather insights on advertising campaigns.

Facility Streaming

Stream live video of participants interacting together in a facility while never leaving your office.

See how Discuss.io helped Unilever to connect with consumers across Africa, serving them time and money

Discuss.io helped the Paragon Partnership to address United Nations Global Development initiatives.

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