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Smart Video Platform for Better Customer Experience (CX) Research

Every touchpoint your prospects and customers have with your company impacts their perception of your brand. The consumer conversation platform makes it easy to scale your CX program so you have more in-depth interviews with more consumers throughout their customer journey.

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Consumer Conversations Add Depth to Your CX Program

Consumers’ feedback, expectations and experiences with your product, service, website and mobile app is the ultimate driver of business success. supports CX conversations through the entire customer or product lifecycles. 

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Automatically find specific tags and themes in uploaded videos.

Create Collections of Live or Uploaded Videos in a Single Project

Centralize all videos, whether recorded on or uploaded from Zoom, Social Media or other sources. Our augmented insights capability will allow you to easily search, edit, analyze and share videos clips including auto-generating NEW clips based on specific keyword tags.

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  • When you need to build a complete program for injecting the voice of the consumer into your product development or website experience or mobile experience or any other communications – we help you make it a program vs a series of one-off discussions. Take a look at a free eBook to use VoC to Supercharge your CX program.

  • We can help you recruit and execute consumer conversations at any stage of the customer journey. From awareness to advocacy, there are different questions, team needs, stimuli and observers who want to be part of the program. Learn more about qualitative research across the customer lifecycle here.

  • Are you building what people are buying? How do people feel about the on-boarding process? Will your customers be advocates for you? We can help you get deeper insights into the emotion and the “why” behind consumer thinking for your product or service regardless of where they are in the relationship with the product. 

  • You’ve got your website metrics dialed-in, but what about an understanding behind the behavior? If you need to get to the “why” someone bounces from your page or didn’t complete that e-commerce transaction – let’s work together on an insights program to understand the effects of your website on consumers at a deeper level. Learn more about how to use consumer conversations to help with a website re-design.

  •’s new Mobile Screen Sharing app gives you the ability to see and record how people are interacting with your mobile app or mobile website as part of their video conversation. See their face, hear their voice and follow their actions on their smartphone or tablet.

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