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Augmented Insights (AI)

Go From Interview to Insights Faster with Augmented Insights

Our Augmented Insights suite of AI powered tools help you discover, extract and share critical insights from consumer conversations more quickly. 

  • Sentiment Analysis of the transcriptions to associate positive, negative and neutral feelings with specific statements and video moments.
  • Theme Finder to automatically clip videos based on specific keywords and tags across numerous videos within a project.
  • Tagging and Tag Explorer to streamline access to specific sections of your video clips that help you tell the story.
  • Auto Transcription to give you almost immediate AI driven verbatim of the interview in over a 100 languages
  • Capture Key Takeaways after every interview from moderators and observers while the insights are fresh.
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Automatically Create Video Clips Based on Selected Keyword Tags

Our Theme Finder feature will scan any video uploaded to your project, whether we created that during a live interview or you uploaded from Zoom, Social Media or other source and auto-generate video clips based on keywords – or tags – that you create!

No more scrubbing hours of videos to find clips associated to specific keywords. Use our video organization, editing and sharing capabilities to make the most out of your project video library.

Learn how Augmented Insights’ AI-enabled capabilities work in five easy steps.

Automatically find specific tags and themes in uploaded videos.
Video Tagging and Tag Explorer

Get Organized with Video Clip Tagging and Tag Explorer

Our Saved Moment feature captures 30 seconds of magic during your video interviews, but you may save dozens (or hundreds) of clips during a project. Our real-time tagging feature helps you organize clips around recommended, pre-built or on-the-fly tags. This feature also works with any videos you upload from any source into the project as part of your CX Collection.

Observers and moderators can both tag the saved moments in the meeting room and our tag explorer helps you filter and find the clips that tell the story you want to tell. Clients using tags cut their insights generation time in half and actively share many more clips.

Learn more about our easy to use video clip tagging capabilities

Tag a Saved Video Moment
Augmented Insights Features

Augmented Insights (AI) Features

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Theme Finder

Auto-generate video clips from any video uploaded to the platform based on pre-selected or new keyword tags.

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Sentiment Analysis

Our AI driven sentiment analysis assigns a positive, negative, neutral or mixed tag to the saved moment video clips.

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Saved Moments

A click of the Save Moments button captures 15 seconds before and after that moment as a clip and stored in your recordings for later.

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Automatic Transcription

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) - a form of artificial intelligence - to render a machine transcription within an hour of the end of the interview.

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CX Collections

Upload videos from Zoom, social media or other sources and auto-generate clips based on keyword tags, edit, organize and share.

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Word Cloud

We use the tags from saved moments and theme finder video clips to create word cloud visual to highlight more important keywords.

Augmented Insights Features

Augmented Insights (AI) Features

A growing suite of tools to help you discover, organize and share insights from consumer conversations more quickly.

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Step by Step

Video Highlight Reels in a Snap

Project Recruitment & Setup

Saved Moment Clips Organization

All of your saved moment clips are stored in the clip maker section of the insights tab in the platform

Live Video Conversations

Edit Individual Clips

Highlight the text you want to capture which is associated to the video or use the slider in the video timeline.

Sharable Insights Across the Enterprise

Drag and Drop Video Clip Builder

Drag whole or edited clips into the video timeline, slide clips around to get the right sequence, preview the entire video and then click save to generate the highlight reel.

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