Enable More Agile Research

Make better decisions faster with asynchronous video feedback, unmoderated usability testing, video open-ends, and quickly turn those experiences into insights.

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Unmoderated research at scale 2

Unmoderated feedback with Self Captures

Get to know your target audiences by capturing their emotions, reactions, and decisions. See and understand their daily routines, unboxing, digital experiences, mobile missions, or other in-the-moment experiences.

Video captures for surveys

Bridge the gap between your quantitative and qualitative surveys by bringing your customers’ stories to life. Easily embed a video response link into any online survey tool and get more context from your open-end questions.

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Pre-Work Setup Screen (3)

Pre-work for live conversations

Have more in-depth conversations by collecting unmoderated video and photo feedback before your live sessions. Start your live conversations off strong with a preview into your respondents’ behavior and go deeper by bringing responses directly into your session.

All in one solution2

All-in-One Solution

Simplify your qualitative research toolkit with one solution for unmoderated and live.

Bring stories to life2

Bring Stories to Life

Capture the color and context of your customer’s real-world interactions or digital experiences.

In the moment research2

In-the-Moment Research

Find the moments and experiences that matter to connect with your audiences in their everyday lives.

Be Agile2

Be Agile

Powerful, actionable, and shareable insights to help you make better, smarter, faster decisions.

Built for Any Team

Self Captures is for your CX, UX, product, marketing, and insights teams.

Launch an Unmoderated Self Captures Survey in Minutes

Create Survey


Create a Survey

In a few simple steps set-up your project, questions, and tasks.

Collect Feedback1


Collect Feedback

Share your survey link with your respondents or embed into any online survey tool to collect video and photo responses




Gain real insights and understand your consumers. Review all video and photo responses and transcripts; learn from sentiment analysis and themes to uncover key learnings.

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