Maximize the number of research projects completed by year’s end: Yes, it can be done

Ask most agencies managing enterprise-level market research (MRX) projects, and they’ll tell you they have a love/hate relationship with their end-of-year workload.

In the final months leading up to the new year, more last-minute project assignments come up as budgets get spent and stress levels run high. Turnaround times must be quick for new quotes, projects, session setups, and reschedules. No one has enough time, and everyone needs everything yesterday.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still close out 2021 strong with a purpose-built, live video platform that delivers online qualitative research and takes the stress out of workflow management. Utilizing a platform like not only saves you time by avoiding the logistical issues that come with in-person research, but with live support on hand, you’ll have everything you need to speed up the qualitative research process.

To learn how our team can streamline your workflow so you can take on more qualitative research during such a hectic time of year, read on.

Save time and money with live, online qualitative research

Sounds simple, right? As we know you know, everyone is busy in the rush to meet their yearly goals. Do you really want to add air travel to the list of things to do amidst the frenzy? We’ve all learned in the past year or two that we have the technology to execute live, online qualitative sessions covering multiple markets quickly — without spending the time and money on travel.

It’s hard to ignore these newfound efficiencies.

Never fear being told you can’t run a project

We’ve had multiple clients ask us to jump in and save the day for a myriad of reasons. Common issues we’ve helped solve include basic platform functionality not working or client-side VPN/connection issues. These are easy fixes…and we love being the hero! Additionally, we are ready to jump in when other providers do not have the capacity. We’ve never had to turn away projects because we’ve solved the issue of scaling our operations to meet the needs of our clients.

Our policy: give us 24 hours’ notice and we’ll schedule live support for a session.

If you need a session to happen sooner than that, you can still conduct it, but without guaranteed live support — we do manage to provide live support where possible. All this is to say (and it bears repeating), we haven’t had to turn away a project.

We act as an extension of your project management team

We’ve built our Project Dashboard for a “DIY” approach for clients that do not need project coordination. Yet as this time of year brings increased demands, several clients utilize this capability on a project-by-project basis.

For clients that are on the fence about choosing project coordination, find out if it meets budget requirements, or intentionally build it into client proposals. After all, it never hurts to consider letting someone else do the heavy lifting. We’re always here to offer help wherever you need it. Take a quick tour of our platform with this video.

Let us stress about recruitment

Similar to project coordination, managing recruitment can cause a lot of stress and unnecessarily waste time and energy. The team is happy to own this aspect of your next project. Build costs into your proposals and our team will work with the screener you provide (and yes, we have a template to make things easy) to make sure we have the right people for your research. In addition, our easy-to-use platform allows you to log in to your project dashboard any time to view the recruits’ video test responses. This way, you can see the progress made on scheduling as it happens.

It’s never too soon to plan ahead for the busiest time of the year to ensure that your team is never stretched too thin. Get the qualitative research help you need with, and not a moment too soon.

Learn more about recruitment at here.

Ready to prepare for 2022 today? Contact us to get a demo.


Kirk O’Connor is the Global Director of Platform Sales at and has worked in the market research space for over a decade. He has had the pleasure of supporting many of’s largest clients, and since the beginning of 2021 has built a team to focus on our agency and consultancy partners — this group has enjoyed evangelizing the great things we have built (technology) and structured (personnel) here at for the benefit of our partners and their clients.

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