Discuss 2024 Summer Release

Discuss’ Summer Release Focuses on Helping Global Organizations Maximize Success in the New Era of Market Research

Seattle, WA – June 6, 2024 – Discuss, the all-in-one platform driving next gen human centricity, announces its Summer 2024 release today. This release is part of Discuss’ holistic approach to creating the easy button for its customers to truly empathize with their target audiences in this new era of research through industry leading innovation for qualitative research coupled with the most comprehensive suite of global research services.

Highlights of the latest release include:

Game-Changing Innovation that Further Removes Hurdles to Human Centricity on a Global Scale and Speeds Time to Insights

Leveraging the Most Powerful GenAI Technology

Discuss’ GenAI suite, Genie, is set to harness the latest and most advanced GenAI technology, ensuring unparalleled precision and quality in its outputs. By integrating these new advancements, Genie will deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate session recaps, summaries, themes, and quotes. This update will also enable customers to better dig into key summary focus areas and detailed questions related to their research. 

Genie’s enhanced summaries and theme finding capabilities can now be leveraged to summarize in-depth conversations that have occurred across a multitude of languages and countries. For example, if interviews within a research project include respondents speaking English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, or Polish, in one click, Genie instantly assesses each conversation and uses them to craft a project level summary and key themes along with supporting points and statements for each theme. The added language support now enables Genie to be fully leveraged across the 100+ countries where the rest of the Discuss platform is already being used for qualitative research today.

These recent updates build off of Discuss’ nimble approach to GenAI, which serves as a foundation for accelerating innovation. This strategy also guarantees its customers remain at the forefront of this new era of market research, where the latest GenAI large language models (LLM) are used while ensuring data isn’t stored or used to inform the LLM.

Expanded Multilingual Instant Transcription 

Discuss supports automatic machine transcription in nearly 100 languages, and with this Summer release will be upgrading the transcription capabilities for the top several dozen languages that account for 97% of interviews on the platform.

The upgrade includes 30% higher accuracy, with a language model that is twice as accurate as other solutions, accounting for components like accents and native dialects. Additionally, transcription will be significantly faster, processing an hour of video in just seconds compared to hours with other solutions.

Turbo Charged Global Asynchronous Analysis

The Summer release also includes enhancements to Discuss’ asynchronous capabilities, designed to expedite insights from respondent activity clips. These upgrades provide users with improved tools for efficiently reviewing respondent activities, making edits to desired clips, and pulling various clips together into highlight reels, making it easier than ever to quickly share key in-moment reactions and insights with colleagues across the globe.

The latest enhancements cut the number of steps to create highlight reels from respondent activities in half, furthering Discuss’ mission of enabling anyone to more easily empathize with target audiences which can lead to transformative ROI by creating, launching, and marketing products globally. 

Recognizing the importance of global research, Discuss has made it easy to see the originally spoken transcripts from the async activity and their translated English versions while creating highlight reels. This also includes the ability to easily edit and download these transcripts in line, further streamlining final report creation and saving hundreds of hours across project analysis for customers on an annual basis.

“With this release, we’re excited to help brands and agencies scale human-centricity in the new era of market research,” said Jilleun Eglin, Senior Director of Product at Discuss. “We’re not just addressing existing challenges; we’re equipping researchers to lead the way in shaping the future of qualitative insights with the most innovative tools and resources at their fingertips.”

Discuss University: On-Demand Resources for Building a Human-Centric Organization

The Summer Release announcement also includes a new virtual launchpad for all Discuss customers, Discuss University – home to resources, help articles, guides, and courses to elevate your research experience. Whether an experienced researcher, marketer, or product manager, the vision of Discuss University is to democratize human centricity and equip anyone, including those new to research, with the tools they need to extract valuable insights for informed business decisions. 

Discuss University will continue to expand over time. In the near term, it will offer courses covering practical applications of the Discuss platform for project owners, respondents, and moderators, as well as Best Practices for Empathy Interviews, GenAI, and more.

“Customer success has always been critical to us, and we’ve made massive investments within the past year to support this priority,” mentioned Cayleigh McCarthy, Global Director of Customer Success at Discuss. “This release is yet another example of our commitment to obsessing over our customers – empowering them to achieve their research goals with all the support they need for success.”

Highlighted by its recent awarding of the 2024 APPEALIE award, this latest release marks another major stride in Discuss delivering next-gen human centricity solutions in this new era of market research.


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