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“From start to finish, Discuss has been an awesome partner. Discuss helps us be more agile, which is critical.”


Liz White

SVP, Research & Strategy - buzzback

“We've been delivering quick highlight reels to clients after research is completed and they have been loving it.”

Katie Shaw Headshot

Katie Shaw

Project Manager - Wonderlust Collective

“Discuss cuts our research time in half, decreases costs by 75% and adds another layer of richness to research.”

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Sai Pisipati

Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager - Reckitt

“Using Discuss, I'm able to empower 150 marketers at Telenet to own the voice of the consumer.”


Caroline Verkest

Senior Market Researcher - Telenet

All your qual market research tools in one connected platform

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Powered by Genie - your generative AI assistant

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Video First Qual
  • Spend less time on logistics and more time on answering your research objectives with a quick and easy setup
  • Make better informed decisions with live and asynchronous activities that allow you to stay close to customers
  • Scale your qualitative insights with powerful, built-in reporting and video editing tools


  • Speed your time to insights with a built-in generative AI assistant that helps to analyze and find key insights
  • Create clips and generate highlight reels that keep the voice of the customer alive
  • Auto-generate clips during your live research and after to uncover key moments instantaneously


  • Break down silos in the research process by integrating with platforms that you already use
  • Gain access to qualitative experts across industries when you need an extra helping hand
  • Streamline your path to insights with an ecosystem of trusted technologies and services


Why Discuss?

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Designed for Research

Our pre-session features drive efficiency; while in-session, we offer unique ways to engage, capture 'aha' moments, and automate insights.

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Dedicated to Customers

From DIY to full service, our team meets the gold standard in support, providing everything from tech help to training resources and more.

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Built for Global Use

Leveraged in 100+ countries, our platform is simple for team members anywhere to use, with industry-leading security & compliance.


A full suite of services to maximize success

Over 80% of insights teams’ time is spent on logistics: coordinating, editing and analyzing conversations when it should be spent on strategy and decision-making. Discuss acts as an extension of your team, increasing speed-to-insights and helping you focus on the outcomes.

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