Discuss in Forbes — To Truly Understand Customer Experience In 2022, Adopt The TikTok Template

Discuss Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Forbes

What impact could TikTok, and the 1 billion-plus people actively taking self-captured videos, have on business outcomes and profit margins for the world’s leading companies? To answer that question, simply look at how marketers are already using short-form videos to engage with customers and drive brand awareness. Many marketing teams have a video strategy dialed in, oftentimes:

• Creating social media accounts and sharing video content across channels.
• Sharing video-based user-generated content (UGC) from social media.
• Partnering with influencers to develop video content.
• Running video ads on major social channels.
• Using tech to understand sentiment across videos taken on social channels.

While these tactics work well in marketing, many businesses are overlooking short-form video as a model for how to conduct in-depth customer research. I’ll explain what I mean — and what I’ve already seen some of the world’s leading CPG organizations, tech companies and cutting-edge research agencies doing with video-based customer feedback.

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