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Infusing the ‘Voice’ and ‘Face of Customer’ Into the Customer Journey Map

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Logitech applies its customer journey framework to inform execution efforts on new portable smart speakers, leveraging Discuss’s end-to-end People Experience Platform for consumer conversations.


“Logitech uses the consumer journey framework across all our businesses. The framework is important because it tells us where we need to be in terms of consumer touch points—how to talk to them [and] how to engage with them. The ultimate goal of the framework is to build a relationship.”

Ross Almazan, Lead Researcher, Global Consumer Insights at Logitech

Logitech is the world’s leading provider of personal electronic accessories, including gaming, wireless, and home entertainment devices. As a brand that always puts the consumer first, Logitech sought help engaging its customers and speaking to them directly about their experiences with the company’s new wireless and portable smart speakers, Ultimate Ears BLAST and Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST.

“With an upcoming new product launch in a new category, this was the perfect opportunity to take our consumer journey framework and apply it,” said Ross Almazan of Logitech.

Logitech sought to become closer to consumers, achieve an in-depth understanding of their perspectives on the new products, and build lasting, meaningful relationships with them.


The company approached Discuss for support in their effort to infuse the voice and face of the consumer at all points in the customer journey—starting with consumers’ out-of-box, first-time use experiences followed by their experiences using the products over time, after the point of sale (POS). “When you understand consumers’ behaviors and needs . . . you have a higher chance of building a meaningful relationship with them,” said Almazan.

The company had three core goals in mind:

  • Identify where shoppers expect to “listen to” and “learn about” the speakers
  • Start conversations with shoppers during the “use” stage to break assumptions, uncover pain points, and gain insights to help streamline future product improvements
  • Develop meaningful relationships and communicate the brand’s personality with existing customers


“At Discuss, we believe that conversations are the key to building ongoing and meaningful relationships with the consumer, and can complement different types of research. When Logitech approached us about working with them on this project, I knew that we could help them become closer to the consumer.”

Jim Longo, Discuss Co-Founder and VP, Research Solutions

Logitech sought to understand customers’ behaviors and decision-making at every step of the customer journey. By partnering with Discuss and Scoot Insights, Logitech was able to gain insights by listening to the voice of customer. The customer journey was made up of four main pillars: 


The “Learn” pillar sets an important foundation of understanding at the beginning of the journey. It is the phase with the greatest impact and ability to influence customers. At this phase, Logitech leveraged Discuss to do exploratory research to understand how people shop in the category. 


In the “Shop” pillar, Logitech was looking to learn what would drive the biggest impact as they refreshed their point of sale. Partnering with Scoot Insights, they conducted in-store heat mapping and ethnography to determine what strategies would deliver the most stopping power, engagement, and ability to convert. 


The “Use” pillar was a critical part of Logitech’s mission to understand the customer journey map holistically—including the customer experience beyond the point of sale. This was especially important for a new product. Using Discuss, they were able to talk to customers in their homes to learn if the newest generation of Ultimate Ears lived up to their expectations. 

Talk About: 

The final pillar in the customer journey is “Talk About.” At this stage, Logitech used both online listening—such as reviews and social sharing—and live conversations with Discuss to learn more about how customers were talking about the product.


Logitech identified several outcomes from the point-of-sale experience it can use to its advantage that it wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. These include:

  • A strong back panel with a lighted brand logo captures consumers’ attention
  • Strong, resonate imagery telegraphing brand personality and features engages consumers
  • Clearly differentiating the two products from Logitech’s classic Bluetooth line adds an inviting, interactive element to their field of engagement, and further educates shoppers


  • Consumers regularly hear about Logitech through interpersonal recommendations
  • Buyers often already own a Logitech product and want to upgrade, or they are interested in Alexa
  • The consumer path to purchase is not linear, and it often includes reading online reviews and visiting the product in person

Logitech also successfully engaged its target audience and shared its learnings across the organization, thanks to live conversations via Discuss’s platform. In partnership with the market research agency  Scoot Insights, the team followed up with consumers who purchased the products, then engaged them in their homes using the optimized platform to gain additional insights:

“We used Discuss’s platform to meet people in their homes to understand how the newest generation of Ultimate Ears lived up to expectations. Customers showed us where and when they used their speakers and gave rave reviews about the size, shape, color, sound quality, and the positive impression they had of the UE brand overall. Many were former BOOM owners who had upgraded to the BLAST specifically to try out the new voice control features. This feedback was invaluable to the team when considering messaging and communication efforts going forward.”

Katrina Noelle, Co-Founder, Scoot Insights


  • Infusing the voice and face of the customer informed Logitech’s understanding of the customer journey. 
  • When launching a new category or product line, there is minimal first party data or consumer insight existing to leverage, making direct customer feedback even more critical. 
  • Consumer conversations can and should happen throughout the entire customer journey – from Awareness all the way through Advocacy. The objectives and types of questions change, but the understanding gained can dramatically impact the business decisions you make.

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