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Every Interview Instantly Summarized

Genie automagically creates a summary on every session. Pick up on important moments or quickly understand key feedback on interviews you couldn't observe live.

Summarize Project Insights in a Click

Turn 4/5/6 weeks of interview analysis into days or even hours. When using Genie, it is like having an assistant who writes your first report draft, all while keeping your data secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using Genie Summaries?

Get early access to Genie Summaries on any Discuss project. When early access closes (Fall 2023), Genie Summaries will be available as an add-on to your current subscription. 

Where can I use Genie Summaries?

You can use Genie Summaries to quickly discover key insights and themes from respondent feedback across your research project.

Will my data be kept private?

Genie Summaires is leveraging an API connection with OpenAI that is secure and private and only references the data for your specific project or sessions for your auto-generated summaries. 

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