Online Focus Groups

Focus groups consist of multiple participants sharing their opinions. Rightfully popular within qualitative research, the study method brings a few critical strengths to market outreach.

  • Variance- Focus groups may concentrate on specific products or content, but the opinions can be diverse as possible. From selecting a market to expanding one, focus groups allow R&D to consider their full range of options.

  • Consensus- Gathering insight is important, yes, but so is finding popular consensus. Doing so alerts researchers to the most pertinent trends and expectations within their markets.

  • Controls- Setting and interaction are incredibly important when gathering information. Focus groups allow researchers to become more creative with their study controls, including interaction and feedback.

How Online Focus Groups Bring More to R&D

Traditionally in-person, online focus groups are an increasingly popular option. Specific benefits really depend on the service, however. At we hone our platform to specifically leverage online possibilities.


Traditional focus groups typically limit participation to a dozen persons or less. Accommodation, time, and a bearable pace are all prime reasons for these confines. Online, there are no such major hurdles. Teams working through can quickly accommodate dozens of participants, control feedback, introduce select stimulus, and share highlights. Such capabilities make paid online focus groups particularly excellent for quant/qual hybrid research.


Geography and budget limit who traditional focus groups can include. No such problems exist online, enabling organizations to better pursue their true targets. sources from a worldwide pool of over 20 million volunteers, great for investigating current markets and expanding into new ones.


Online focus groups enable researchers to dodge costly facility rentals, temp hires, and jet lag. Even more importantly, and similar platforms bypass such inconveniences without discomforting participants. Far from it, in fact. Our cloud-based platform allows focus group members to share from wherever they choose.


Processing and analyzing data is at the heart of all qualitative research. Traditional focus groups are perfectly capable of recording sessions, yes, but doing so requires familiarity with a range of equipment and computer programs.  Platforms like include a comprehensive set of tools, minimizing processing time and complexity. Search through video archives via synchronized transcripts, cut video clips, add feedback notes, and more from wherever.


Along with costly, traditional focus groups also require months of advanced scheduling. Travel, lodging, facility rentals, and coordination with participants all take their toll on timing. Not good, as markets shift at increasingly fast rates. Months turn into days using Our system arranges studies in little as 48 hours, the fastest within the industry.