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Introducing Augmented Insights – AI Driven Suite of Tools to Reduce the Time to Insight

We know that no insights project is complete without distilling hours of interviews into the key statements and aha! moments that is the magic of having consumer conversations. In order to help insights professionals go from interviews to insights more quickly, Discuss.io is proud to announce the release of a new suite of tools built on Artificial Intelligence – specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) that will be your partner in success.

Augmented Insights Product Screenshots
The new suite of tools is part of our integrated post interview insights features that adds organization and discovery capabilities including:

  • Video Tagging – pre-build or create tags on the fly for saved moments video clips to easily organize and quickly find specific ideas and themes.
  • Sentiment Analysis – we automatically analyze the transcriptions to associate positive, negative, neutral and mixed feelings with specific clips to help dig into how consumers are feeling about a topic.
  • Theme Identification – keywords are analyzed using NLP to generate word clouds and themes from large numbers of videos across the project.
  • Tag Explorer – an easy to use interface to find and filter video clips with specific tags across projects.

Our early access clients found that once they started tagging and using the sentiment analysis they saved significant time in building the final reports and shared up to 90% more videos due to how easy it was to find and edit the key moments.

Filtering Clips Based on TagsSome of the use cases early access clients are using Augmented Insights for include validating hypothesis, discovering hard to find themes, organizing large numbers of videos and generating additional input and engagement from observers.

We have a whole series of new insights features on our product road map to help you get closer to the consumer, launch products more successfully and get the most out of your global consumer conversations.

Want to learn more about how the new features work? Click here.

Want to get your own personal demo of the new features and our platform? Let us know here.

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