Consumer habits change quickly and brands need to be able to keep up. One way that they can do this is by conducting qualitative research. By comparison to quantitative research, which analyses numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative research tackles non-quantifiable data by speaking directly with consumers. By connecting directly with their desired market, brands are presented with a unique access to quality consumers insights that can help them to better align their positioning with consumers’ desires. In turn, these direct connections grant consumers an opportunity to have their perspectives and thoughts heard.

With traditional methods, these meetings take place in person. At, we disrupted these methods, bringing market research into the digital age.’s platform erases geographical barriers and unnecessary travel, allowing research to be conducted in days instead of weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This has revolutionized research as we know it, opening global markets and regions that were inaccessible using traditional methods and introducing a wealth of previously untapped insights.

In addition to the Meeting Room, brands can use the Whiteboard feature to gather honest consumer feedback on a various mediums of visual content. Using the Whiteboard, brands can upload media ranging from photos, and PDFs, to websites to test with consumers. Consumers have the ability to interact with the Whiteboard, marking up the stimuli with drawing tools and text. While using the Whiteboard, participants explain their markings and thoughts, providing valuable insights for researchers. Additionally, the Whiteboard can be used for projective exercises, in which participants can post and then explain pre-assigned work like collages and mood boards. During the session, moderators can save copies of the marked up stimuli with the simple click of a button. At the end of the session, brands are given full access to these screenshots of the whiteboard, along with the recorded video from the session.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Feature Series in which we will discuss the many ways that we can help you find and share pertinent quotes from your research.

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