Discuss.io provides on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and focus groups using webcams. We connect marketers, researchers, and brands to millions of consumers around the world right from their laptops.

Allow us to untangle that for you.

Specialists in qualitative market research, video conferencing lies at the core of our platform; all of the sessions conducted on the Discuss.io platform are hosted in what we call the Meeting Room. By comparison to quantitative research, which analyses numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative research tackles non-quantifiable data by speaking directly with consumers. In today’s connected world, almost everyone has access to a webcam, thereby allowing us to penetrate a large global audience of consumers. Unlike asynchronous online qualitative methodologies, like text-based communities and bulletin boards, video conferencing brings sessions to life by maintaining participants’ emotional and natural verbal cadence. Additionally, online video conferencing allows researchers to probe and ask clarifying questions in real-time, giving them deeper, more thorough insights, faster. Discuss.io’s video conferencing enables researchers to conduct qualitative research through consumer in-depth interviews (IDIs) and online focus groups.

IDIs give brands valuable, open access to consumers and an opportunity to dig in-depth on pertinent topics and research questions. With IDIs, researchers can cultivate a level of trust with consumers, thus ensuring rich and honest feedback.

Focus groups work in a similar fashion as IDIs, but on a larger scale. Focus groups conducted on Discuss.io’s platform can host as many as six participants simultaneously. Focus groups are especially useful because they encourage collaboration among participants, which can amplify the prominence of common trends and thought processes across participants.

From brands to governments, anyone can use Discuss.io to conduct qualitative research and gather quality insights. Additionally, the topics that can be covered using Discuss.io’s video conferencing are limitless; examples of our most popular session topics platform can be found on our website under the Use Cases tab.  

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Discuss.io Feature Series in which we will explain the many benefits of our interactive whiteboard feature.

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