Discuss Ranked as G2 High Performer for Consumer Video Feedback and User Research

At the start of 2022, Discuss asked customers for their honest feedback on how its services met their needs and the results are in! According to G2’s Spring 2022 reports, Discuss is a High Performer based on its high customer satisfaction scores compared to the rest of competition in the categories of Consumer Video Feedback and User Research. While 100% of users gave Discuss 4 or 5 stars, Discuss was also proud to be ranked #1 in G2’s Consumer Video Feedback category across many critical areas, including:

  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • The App/Platform itself
  • Quality of Support
  • Likelihood to Recommend 

Across the many positive reviews, Discuss customers cite the platform’s ease of use, outstanding customer service, and intuitive technology. See a full list of G2 reviews here.

Jennifer Whelchel, Co-Owner/Partner at Status Q Research Group, outlined what Discuss commonly receives feedback for as key differentiators:

“Intuitive look and feel, client and respondent friendly, clean layout, super friendly and helpful tech support, transcripted recordings with cut/paste video clip procurement! Hands down the best platform on the market. Discuss is my go-to online platform for all of my projects.”

In addition, across both the User Research and Consumer Video Feedback categories, Discuss was ranked in the top 3 of all vendors in areas such as:

  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin 
  • Privacy 
  • User Satisfaction 
  • Meeting All Requirements 
  • Video Interview 
  • Collaboration
  • Video Snippets
  • Photo Submission

“Discuss exists to support in-depth, people-centered research and to help turn customer experiences into insights. These G2 reviews reflect how dedicated we are to meeting our customers’ needs,” said Adam Mertz, Discuss’ Chief Growth Officer. “We’re humbled to be cited as a high performer among leading consumer feedback and user research solutions for CX, UX, Design and insights teams.”

How Does G2 Define Consumer Video Feedback Software?
Consumer video feedback software enables organizations to capture, analyze, and share video responses from consumers. These tools help businesses conduct market research or solicit feedback from their customers with the intention of gathering deeper, more nuanced insights than text-based feedback can provide. Researchers, CX and UX teams, as well as marketers, advertisers, and product managers use consumer video feedback software for qualitative, actionable insights that can inform business decisions in everything from brand and marketing strategy to product design and Research & Development.

How Does G2 Define User Research Software?
User research software, also known as user experience testing software, allows organizations to understand how and why users behave, make decisions, and interact with a website or app by observing and interviewing people on digital platforms and/or in physical locations, using recorded video interviews, surveys, photos, and notes. Together, these insights can help organizations accelerate innovation, improve customer satisfaction, shape messaging, and design user experiences (UX) that are effective, easy, and enjoyable.

About G2
G2, the world’s leading business solution review platform, leverages more than 680,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. Every month, more than one million people visit G2’s site to gain unique insights. Co-founded by the founder and former executives of SaaS leaders like BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) and SteelBrick (acquired by Salesforce) and backed by more than $100 million in capital, G2 aims to bring authenticity and transparency to the business marketplace. For more information, go to G2.com.

About Discuss
Discuss is helping leading organizations, brands and agencies across the globe turn people’s experiences into insights. Hundreds of thousands of Market Insights, CX and UX professionals trust Discuss to go beyond data points and bring in-depth insights to life across their organization in real-time, transforming customer relationships. With Discuss, hundreds of global brands and agencies such as Unilever, Target, Ipsos, KraftHeinz, Netgear, Ford, and Mastercard are making more informed strategic decisions faster than ever before. For more information, visit diomktgstg.wpengine.com.  

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