Discuss Unlocks New Era of Qualitative Research with Expanded GenAI and Asynchronous Innovation

‘Snackable Insights’ and the World’s Best and Fastest Auto-translation Further Goal of Easily Scaling Global Qual

SEATTLE, WA – December 6, 2023Discuss, the leading purpose-built platform for turning experiences into insights, has supercharged its capabilities for scaling qualitative research with the latest release of the Discuss People Experience Platform. Expanded generative AI tools and advanced global asynchronous research features allow users to uncover key insights and automatically translate interviews in an instant.

“This launch continues our trend of not only being first-to-market with innovative GenAI features, but ones that provide immense ROI for our customers,” said Adam Mertz, Chief Growth Officer at Discuss. “In addition, with our large base of global customers, our new enhancements highlight our continued focus to make the world’s best platform for scaling global qual research across 100+ markets vs. just the typical handful of markets other vendors often focus on.”

Highlights of the new release include:
Expanded Generative AI CapabilitiesDiscuss has expanded upon its generative AI innovation of providing instantaneous summaries and themes across a research project, now adding several quotes that relate to and support each key theme. These quotes not only help teams trust and verify the themes that Genie identifies, but also saves hours of hunting through transcripts for those key quotes. Discuss refers to these quotes as snackable, or shareable, insights that are now pulled out of hours of recorded research and that can be added to a highlight clip and shared in just a couple of clicks.

Advanced Global Asynchronous Research
Discuss’ new and unparalleled asynchronous auto-translation capabilities make it easier than ever for supporting global market research with translating respondent feedback from the native language to English in seconds. With this new release, the translation now comes 20x faster with both the original transcription accuracy and accuracy of English translations unmatched in the industry.. These asynchronous enhancements allow organizations to more easily scale qual so that more people can see the detailed feedback faster and ultimately turn those experiences into insights.

At the TRME Conference this fall, Mertz joined Sai Pisipati, Consumer Insights and Analytics Manager at Reckitt for a discussion on “How Gen AI is Changing the Game in Scaling Global Empathy.” Pisipati shared how he leveraged the Discuss platform for shopalongs as part of one of Reckitt’s largest ever brand launches in the U.S. (Finish Ultimate). 

“We really wanted to see how consumers feel and react with the product on the shelf. We got 10-15 consumers going to the store at 8:00 p.m. making self-capture videos that provided snackable insights. The speed to action that Discuss provides is not just through generative AI and their qualitative technology, but is also through showing our real consumers to our stakeholders,” said Pisipati.

In addition to these features, Discuss has also created new project and user management tools that make it easier to streamline and accelerate the research process and launch a project in a matter of minutes. 

“The entire Discuss team is thrilled to see our year of accelerated innovation and platform usage growth culminate with another release that incorporates inputs from across our customer base and provides them with game changing new capabilities. Our recognition as a leader in industry reports like G2, where we are the top momentum leader, continue to highlight our commitment to delivering innovation that helps our customers embrace the new era of market research,” added Mertz.


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