Discuss.io Launches Mobile Screen Share App for Brands to Understand Critical Consumer Experiences in Real-Time

Integrated into the smart video platform, the new mobile app expands the virtual and mobile capabilities of qualitative interviews for UX, insights and eCommerce professionals

SEATTLE, WA – April 6, 2021 – Discuss.io, the leading enterprise-level smart video platform for conversations that count, today announced a crucial expansion of its research capabilities with the launch of Mobile Screen Share. The new platform addition, which is available for iOS and Android, allows research teams and consumers to share their mobile screens inside of a meeting room, enabling access to the mobile screen of the respondent and their real-time movements on their device. The tool creates an entirely new opportunity for brands and agencies to understand mobile consumer behavior first-hand, with the ability to see the respondent’s face, voice and body language, enabling a true 1:1 connection in a virtual environment, to inform product and application development, digital experiences, usability and more. 

According to WARC, almost three-quarters of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people. Across the globe and in primary markets like the U.S., mobile devices play a much larger role when it comes to online access options, with around 2 billion people currently accessing the internet via only their smartphone. Discuss.io’s Mobile Screen Share feature presents an untapped opportunity for organizations to better understand and analyze how consumers are engaging with their mobile phones to grasp the vast opportunities of the mobile internet. At launch, the app supports over 14 different language translations (and growing) due to the demand from global organizations. 

Qualitative mobile UX research has traditionally been asynchronous, without the ability to probe on behaviors, feelings, or motivations in real-time. To help organizations unlock a deeper understanding of the consumer experience across mobile and circumvent mobile challenges, Mobile Screen Share is the first mobile screen sharing app on the market purpose-built for insights professionals. Utilizing the new platform feature, any business making product decisions, creating UX and digital experiences in mobile apps/sites, moving in-person mobile research experiences to remote, developing apps and mobile features, and connecting mobile with other digital experiences can now unlock first-party insights with their customers in real-time.

“The new mobile screen sharing app has allowed us to take a complicated process that involved stitching together 5-6 separate video and research products into a single, easy to use flow,” said Courtney Johnson, User Experience Researcher at Netgear. “It’s easy to set up for both the respondent and our team and allows us to have backroom observers, chat rooms and video recording all while watching the user’s mobile screen plus face, body language and voice”

With Mobile Screen Share, insights and UX professionals across vertical industries including CPG, Financial Services, Auto and Media/Entertainment, can seamlessly incorporate mobile device research & testing into live research sessions for better learnings in less time. eCommerce companies can follow along as their consumer shops for their product in their favorite mobile app or website, enabling the company to see how their product appears, how it compares to the competition, and how their customer evaluates their choices.

Additional key benefits include: 

  • In-Meeting Security & Privacy Controls: Screen sharing is code-triggered to protect meetings, helping manage participant activity, information sharing, and more. Respondents and moderators can pause screen sharing to enter sensitive data like passwords without it being recorded. Moderator has controls over various aspects of the screen share, such as managing the participants, pausing privileges while navigating an incoming message and ability to share a link with mobile screen sharers.
  • Agile Product Development Features: Displaying taps within the app will show where consumers tap on their screen, including showing how they scroll, pinch and zoom, helping to inform the overall UX and CX your customer prefers. Moderators can gain an understanding of their website in an entirely different way and dig into friction, trust, clarity and other issues that prevent visitors from converting.
  • Convenience & Ease: Moderators can share a specific link to a mobile app, mobile website, or prototype straight to the respondent’s mobile app. No searching for the link or mistyping a URL. Install requires a light app download and single-use code to add function to a meeting.

“The way in which other video platforms have been utilizing mobile screen sharing tools to date has lacked the functionality to tap into insights gathering, which has traditionally resulted in disconnected data,” said Jim Longo, Chief Strategy Officer at Discuss.io. “With Discuss.io’s Mobile Screen Share, we are addressing enterprise challenges that are enabling the corporate researchers of today to gather critical mobile insights and analyze them in a complete, comprehensive qualitative research platform, on top of solving the major pain point of understanding consumer’s mobile experiences in real-time.”

Discuss.io Mobile Screen Share is available now for iOS and Android to all Discuss.io customers globally. For more information, visit diomktgstg.wpengine.com/platform/mobile-screen-sharing.

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Discuss.io is an enterprise-level, smart video platform for conversations that count. Leading companies and their partners around the world trust Discuss.io to enable deep, purposeful connections with their key audiences and to securely capture and share insights across their organizations in real-time. The platform has been recognized on the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ list and one of the most innovative market research companies for six consecutive years in the annual Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report. Discuss.io was also named one of Gartner’s top 25 enterprise software startups to watch in 2020, Best Video Hosting Solution in the 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Awards, and Quirk’s Media’s Top 20 Online Insights Platform companies.For more information, visit diomktgstg.wpengine.com.

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