Discuss.io Announces Key Company Milestones and Enterprise Client Growth; Builds on Smart Video Platform to Ride Shift to Online Consumer Conversations

Video-based insights platform surpasses 50,000 hosted interviews in over 85 countries in H1 2020, supporting major brands and agencies navigating COVID-19 with agile interview programs.

SEATTLE, WA – August, 19, 2020 – Discuss.io, the leading enterprise-level smart video platform, today announced a series of milestones during H1 2020 which helped propel the company to achieve more than 100% YoY growth during July 2020 compared to July 2019. As the company surpassed 50,000 hosted conversations generating insights from over 250,000 people during the first half of the year, it brought on new clients including Accenture, AARP, Dole, The Magnetic Collective, and Netgear. Discuss.io was also named to FT The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies, Gartner’s Top 25 Enterprise Software Startups To Watch In 2020, Quirk’s Media’s Top 20 Online Insights Platform companies, and made Greenbook’s annual GRIT Top 50 Innovative Suppliers list for the sixth consecutive year. 

COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing policies curtailed and greatly reduced face-to-face interactions and meetings across all industries. Large tech companies have recently announced remote work through at least the middle of 2021. As a result, video-based discussion platforms have emerged as mission-critical to business communications. The need to uncover deep and purposeful insights through video-based conversations became more important than ever before. Discuss.io’s video conferencing technology enables brands and agencies to have meaningful and tangible conversations with their customers and employees.  As virtual interactions continue to normalize, several Global 100 Food & Beverage companies have tapped Discuss.io to run ongoing Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs. These programs enabled these CPG giants to have live conversations with consumers on-demand while efficiently capturing and analyzing the feedback received from their customers. 

“As a result of decreased social interactions, the way brands have conversations with consumers will never be the same,” said Simon Glass, CEO of Discuss.io. “Video conferencing technology will continue to play a fundamental role in driving meaningful conversations between brands, agencies, and consumers, especially in a post-COVID-19 world. With a suite of integrated tools and professional services built specifically for hosting smart conversations, we’re equipping our users with the resources they need to form deep consumer connections and obtain actionable insights through a completely digital experience.” 

With more brands and agencies making the shift to online conversations, Discuss.io has made innovative upgrades to its platform to help businesses remain on track and organized while carrying out intelligent dialogues between customers, employees, and users. Private and enhanced chat features have been integrated to allow interview attendees to communicate in multiple ways based on their preference without cluttering the public room. It also provides new options for message editing and deleting. Personal meeting rooms have also been built to provide users with the efficiency benefits of the Discuss.io platform like interactive whiteboards, integrated discussion guides, and more for personal video conference needs as well as serving as a training and debrief space for market research and CX teams.

“We worked with Discuss.io on helping us connect with our consumers at one of our biggest retailers, and we were thrilled with the experience,” said Emily Schwartz, Marketing Associate Analyst at PepsiCo. “The technology was very user friendly and impressive, and we were so appreciative of how responsive and helpful the team was throughout.”

In addition to numerous accolades, partnerships, and milestones, the company added Scott Fasser to its executive team as Vice President of Marketing. Fasser comes to Discuss.io with 25 years of experience in building, managing, and growing businesses with specific expertise in digital marketing and account management. Fasser plans to leverage his skill set in implementing effective marketing strategies that align with the company’s business goals and will foster growth. Looking ahead, Discuss.io plans to continue integrating new features and capabilities into its platform that are built specifically for brands and agencies making the switch to online conversations. For more information and to take advantage of Discuss.io’s enhanced features to help support your company through COVID-19 and beyond, please visit diomktgstg.wpengine.com.

About Discuss.io

Discuss.io is an enterprise-level, smart video platform for meetings that matter. Leading companies and their partners around the world trust Discuss.io to enable deep, purposeful connections with their key audiences and to securely capture and share insights across their organizations in real-time. The platform has been recognized as one of the most innovative market research companies for six consecutive years in the annual Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report and was named one of Gartner’s top 25 enterprise software startups to watch in 2020. For more information, visit diomktgstg.wpengine.com.

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