Discuss Introduces Genie – The Assistant Every Market Researcher Wishes They Had

A Revolutionary, Generative AI-based Approach to Scaling Qualitative Research

Seattle, WA, May 2, 2023Discuss, the leading purpose-built video platform for turning in-depth feedback into insights, announced Genie, a new layer of generative artificial intelligence (AI) that will be transformational in scaling qualitative research. Genie has been built to be that expert assistant that eliminates the many frictions and obstacles inherent to the unstructured nature of qualitative research, including creating summary reports from hours of interviews in a matter of seconds.

Using OpenAI, the same engine behind ChatGPT, Discuss is supercharging its People Experience Platform to give users real-time assistance and tools that dramatically accelerate the effectiveness of everyone involved in research projects, while still ensuring the highest data privacy standards for every customer.

With Genie, the wishes of many market researchers who are budget and time-strapped are now on the precipice of coming true, including:

  • Summaries of 10/20/100+ hours of interviews at their fingertips
  • Screening questionnaires auto-created with just a few details provided
  • Video highlight reels of key quotes, moments and themes automatically created
  • Discussion guide suggestions that can help enable more people feel confident in driving in-depth interviews

The enthusiasm for Genie and Discuss’ ground-breaking innovation direction with generative AI has been electric:

“If Genie can get us even 60% of the way in generating our final insights deliverables, that is amazing and would save us so much time on analysis,”

Liz White, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Buzzback.

“Your direction on generative AI is excellent,”

Sai Pisipati, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager at Reckitt.

Over the past decade, Discuss has helped thousands of organizations facilitate hundreds of thousands of interviews. Using anonymized data, artificial intelligence can train the models and help customers complete research projects while allowing them to focus on high-value activities while AI does the more mundane, labor-intensive work that’s made scaling qualitative research so difficult.

“Our goal has always been to help solve the big challenges to scaling qual research, and this focused mindset is what is enabling us to understand the myriad of ways generative AI can be leveraged and to be executing faster than anyone in the market research space on this front,” said Simon Glass, CEO of Discuss. “We’re excited to be at the forefront of offering this game-changing technology within our platform in a way that helps our customers more quickly and cost effectively drive actionable business decisions from their target audience’s in-depth feedback.”


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