Discuss Demonstrates the Power of Generative AI to Transform Qualitative Research

Latest Platform Release Streamlines Research Process, Expands Asynchronous and Global Recruitment Capabilities

SEATTLE, WA – September 7, 2023Discuss, the leading purpose-built platform for turning experiences into insights, is changing the game for qualitative research with the latest release of the Discuss People Experience Platform. New features including generative AI-powered research summaries, enhanced asynchronous research tools and an expanded network for global recruitment are eliminating the long, winding road to insights and instead, offer customers a freeway to faster insights.

After introducing the first generative AI suite, Genie, for qualitative research, Genie Summaries was quickly adopted by dozens of Discuss customers who experienced the value of instantaneous recaps of live sessions and summaries across entire research projects. After thousands of summaries and customer feedback that helped further improve Genie summaries, it is now officially out of Beta and generally available for all new and existing customers. It is a step change in how researchers navigate their unstructured feedback allowing users to take hours of video and turn them into a final report in minutes.

“I used Genie for an online focus group project, and seeing the summary I was provided was one of those ‘wow’ moments for me, as I could see how the AI picked up on sentiment expressed through the longer conversation,” said Susan Sweet, Chief Insight Officer for Sweet Insight Group. “I’m excited most about the time savings, but also about the way it takes my own reliance on ‘emotional recollection’ down a notch, and I think it would be incredibly helpful for exploratory, in-depth interviews as well.”

Discuss has also expanded its asynchronous research tools and services to make it easier and faster to reach a global audience. These enhancements help customers optimize all types of research from in-home usage testing to shop-alongs and unboxing moments. Discuss also facilitates the recruitment of respondents for these asynchronous projects through the expansion of its global network of online panels and agency partners.

“This latest release is reflective of how the Discuss team truly obsesses over solving the biggest customer challenges in qualitative research combined with a world class innovation pace. We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries and be out in front of the market providing our customers with a qualitative research platform that gets more robust almost weekly,” said Adam Mertz, Chief Growth Officer at Discuss. “The feedback from our customers and industry experts has been extraordinary in terms of the value of these new capabilities and their enthusiasm for how quickly Discuss has introduced them.”

This focus on innovation and customer success, along with a unique unlimited research business model that removes the constraints of the past to scaling qual research has led to recognition across the industry for Discuss this year, including being named as a Strong Performer by Forrester in their Experience Research Platforms Wave, and also receiving G2 leader recognition in their Recent Summer Grid reports for User Research and Video Feedback with top scores in ease of use, ease of doing business with, and quality of support. Discuss was also named a winner in the Analytics and Business Intelligence category of the 2022 and 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Awards.


About Discuss
Discuss is helping leading organizations, brands and agencies across the globe turn people’s experiences into insights. Hundreds of thousands of Market Insights, CX and UX professionals trust Discuss to go beyond data points and bring in-depth insights to life across their organization in real-time, transforming customer relationships. With Discuss, hundreds of global brands and agencies such as Unilever, Target, Ipsos, KraftHeinz, HP, Ford, and Mastercard are making more informed strategic decisions faster than ever before. For more information, visit www.discuss.io.

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