Discuss Again Ranked as High Performer in G2 Grid for User Research Software and Consumer Video Feedback

Seattle, WA, June 23, 2022 — Discuss, the leading purpose-built platform for turning experiences into insights, has again been named a High Performer on G2’s quarterly 2022 Grid Reports. This recognition includes multiple grids within the User Research Software category (including enterprise and mid-market) as well as the Consumer Video Feedback category. Some of the areas that propelled Discuss to receiving this recognition included having the highest NPS score of any vendor (86), along with having the highest score for ease of doing business with and quality of support within the Consumer Video Feedback category.

The G2 Grids for User Research Software highlight UX testing software that allows organizations to create deeper empathy for their customers by understanding their motivations at different points in the customer journey. These tools help an organization understand how (and why) users behave, make decisions, and interact with a brand by observing and interviewing people on digital platforms and/or in physical locations, using recorded video interviews, surveys, photos, and notes.

Here are some examples of what Discuss customers say about the platform on G2:

“The place where intelligence, client service and tech come to one place” — Sai Pisipati, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager for Vanish.

“The whole team was HAPPY – researchers, moderators and clients!” — Market Research Leader at a mid-market company (50-1,000 employees).

“The absolute best feature about Discuss is the actual platform. It’s clean, really intuitive, and easy to use – for both clients and consumers” — Associate Director at a mid-market company (50-1,000 employees).

“It’s exciting to see so many incredible customer reviews continue to push us higher in these reports. This crowd-sourced recognition highlights our focus on combining an industry-leading platform with a full suite of services that maximizes every customer’s research success,” said Adam Mertz, Chief Growth Officer at Discuss. “Earning their continued support on G2 means so much to us, as we continue to further enhance our offerings to help them be leaders in our experience economy.”

With record growth of its People Experience Platform by 70% in 2021, CX, UX, and market research professionals are increasingly turning to Discuss for actionable consumer insights. The Discuss platform is purpose built for research and enables live, online moderated and unmoderated conversations that can easily capture those aha moments and quickly turn those conversations and experiences into actionable insights.

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