Discuss Adds TikTok-Style Self Captured Media to its Platform, Adding More Ways to Easily Turn Experiences into Insights

Company delivering on its vision to enable in-depth insights via self-captured video and images, adding to its already industry-leading live feedback capabilities.

SEATTLE, March 1, 2022 — Discuss, the leading purpose-built People Experience Platform for amplifying people’s voices and accelerating insights and outcomes, today announced the launch of Self Captures, the biggest addition to its offerings since the inception of its Discuss Live capabilities — live, virtual feedback — introduced almost a decade ago. Self Captures enable companies to gather in-depth, short form experiences from target audiences whenever it is convenient for them to take a video or photo related to a task or video survey as part of a research project.

Discuss’s own in-depth market analysis and customer feedback found that teams across product, design, CX and marketing held a desire for an integrated platform to support both live, moderated research and respondent-captured, unmoderated feedback. Another key driver for developing self capture capabilities was these teams’ desire for fewer technology vendors supporting more key research needs — a one platform solution makes implementing agile research methodologies across the organization much easier.

Marketing, CX, and product teams use Self Captures to enable video surveys, diaries, and mobile ethnography projects, with participants recording TikTok-style short videos, along with photos they take, to share their experiences. Integrated into Discuss’s single, comprehensive platform, teams will be able to turn self captured experiences into insights, using Discuss’s Augmented Insights, along with any uploaded user research video and live session work already supported by the platform.

“Discuss has been a great partner, supporting many global research projects for us and enabling every employee at Kraft Heinz to be closer to our consumers. We’re excited to see this new addition to their platform, giving our teams more potential options using one single platform to leverage as part of their upcoming research projects,” said Camille Denis, International Insights Director at The Kraft Heinz Company.

The addition of self-captured media is just another way that Discuss is responding to the evolution of market research. More design, CX, product and marketing teams are combining quantitative and qualitative research to become more agile, driving more informed decisions that are aligned to target audiences’ challenges, desired buyer journeys, and needs.

This new feature will also help bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative surveys with video and photo responses for any online survey tool. And because many researchers rely on multiple platforms for their live and unmoderated sessions, and for insight extraction, Discuss is paving the way for seamless workflows and easy integrations, saving teams time, effort and financial overhead. 

“We are thrilled to offer even more industry-leading capabilities that will bring companies and agencies even closer to their customers,” said Discuss CEO Simon Glass. “This new part of our platform, when combined with Discuss Live and AI-powered intelligence, will be a game changer for any company trying to work with multiple technologies to support both live in-depth conversations and respondent captured experiences.”

For more information on these new capabilities, see our overview of Self Captures.

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