Discuss.io releases results from focus groups in three swing states – Florida, Ohio, and Arizona – after the second Presidential debate. Here are the highlights, with full recordings below:

Perception of Trump

Participants weigh in on Donald Trump’s performance in the second presidential debate. His negative attacks and banter rubbed off on participants as a sign of poor character and worry how he would perform in a presidential context.


On the Issues


Participants felt that both candidates danced around the questions. However, they believe that Hillary Clinton performed better and that her answers provided more substance than Donald Trump’s. They acknowledge that Clinton has more of the experience to be able to talk about these issues.

Perception of Clinton

Participants agree that Hillary Clinton performed better at the debate than Donald Trump. However, some expressed concern that she is not genuine in what she says, as if she’s “wearing a mask.”


Undecided Voters Deciding


Participants overwhelmingly agree that Hillary Clinton won the debate. Her performance at the debate also influenced their vote, with the majority of participants now leaning toward voting Clinton on November 8th.

Entire Focus Group Recordings

Florida Focus Group


Ohio Focus Group


Arizona Focus Group

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