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How Reckitt Uses Customer Feedback to Define Brand Purpose

Defining brand purpose is a process typically involving only high level stakeholders, who must align on key brand components such as organizational values, mission, and vision statement. Yet to successfully launch a brand (or re-brand), defining brand purpose cannot be carried out in isolation — it requires rich insights from core customers and users, as well as prospective target audiences, in order to make evidence-based strategic decisions that can maximize the potential viability of a new or refreshed brand identity.

Reckitt, a leading UK-based consumer packaged goods company with well-known brands such as Durex, Dettol, Enfamil, Air Wick and Clearasil, needed such rich insights to validate a new brand purpose for its popular stain removal product, Vanish. Reckitt wanted to expand the Vanish brand purpose beyond stain remover to become associated with long term garment care and sustainability.

In this short video clip, hear how Reckitt strategized its brand purpose around consumer feedback with Discuss:

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