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How Discuss is More Than Just a Forsta Alternative

Finding the right partner for market research software, one that enables agencies to move quickly and with ease to deliver customer insights, can be a challenge. Software solutions providers may offer a wide range of features, but it isn’t always clear how committed that provider is to innovating beyond the needs of today to anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

That’s why buzzback, an agency based in the US and UK that provides agile customer-centric insights, chose Discuss as its tech partner for online market research and consumer insights. They realized early on that Discuss is continually adding and refining its capabilities based on its own customer feedback. So much so that Discuss’s agency partners, like buzzback, feel more invested in the evolution of its offerings.

To a cutting edge agency like buzzback, the Discuss all-in-one platform was the clear platform of choice to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace as it evolves. Hear how Liz White, SVP of Research & Strategy, explains her quest to find the right tech partner — moving from providers like FocusVision (now Forsta) towards a more forward-thinking solutions provider like Discuss. 

See the difference the Discuss People Experience Platform can make:

  • Generate clips automatically by keyword or phrases. Before a session, create tags for certain words or terms, the platform auto-clips those tags and creates auto-transcriptions using Natural Language Processing.
  • Save moments with ease. During live sessions, hit a ‘Save Moment’ button to create a clip that begins 15 minutes before you click the button, and ends 15 seconds after the moment you click it.
  • Highlight key themes. Post-session, easily add new tags for the system to identify and categorize even more parts of the conversation to validate or discover new themes.
  • Filter clips with ease. Search and filter video clips quickly with tags across different projects, location-specific markets, as well as particular positive, negative, neutral/mixed sentiments.
  • Easily share clips and highlight reels. With just one click, share out “aha” moments with noted sentiments and themes to colleagues and other key stakeholders — no Discuss account required for access.   

To learn more about how the Discuss People Experience Platform helps agencies move fast to ‘wow’ clients, read our post, “Turnaround Big Qualitative Research Projects with Little Time.”

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