Short Timeline, Lasting Impact

Embracing an Agile and Iterative Approach to Consumer Feedback to Create Impactful Campaigns

The Challenges

Wizz Air, one of Europe’s fastest growing low-cost airlines, needed to launch a new campaign that would differentiate their brand from competitors, and they needed to do it quickly.
Traditional, in person methodologies would require too much time and were not realistic for the target audience that they were going after: weekend travelers. Imagine asking: “Hey, you’re only in this city for 36 hours, do you want to spend 2 of them talking to me about your travel habits?” It’s unlikely that they would get many takers.
Working with a creative agency, they put together a 5-day sprint with two waves of consumer feedback.

• Tight timeline

• Not possible to do in person

The Solution

Such a tight timeline would require agile and iterative approach for talking to consumers. Wizz Air turned to for help with gathering quick and instant feedback. recruited frequent travelers around Europe to participate in these conversations. Over the course of the conversations, the Wizz Air team was able to evolve and adapt the conversations to tease out emerging ideas on positioning and ad copy. They then incorporated those ideas into creative assets and asked for more feedback.

• Needed an agile approach that would allow the team to recruit and adapt quickly

The Results

Wizz Air uncovered several ideas that they wanted to further explore. Over the course of the two waves, they asked the participants about these ideas. Judging by people’s reactions, including facial expression and tone of voice, the team was able to gauge which ideas were inspiring the most excitement for people. Through this process, they unearthed one idea which would later become the inspiration for their “Let’s Get Lost” campaign.

• Conversations led to creative inspiration • The ideas were then tested again with the participants • The most successful ideas eventually morphed into a campaign that Wizz Air successfully launched, differentiating their brand from other budget airlines in the market

“We decided to do a sprint and needed a partner who understood how to do agile and iterative research. For this project, we were prioritizing speed over formality. We incorporated two waves of consumer feedback over the course of 5 days. The first wave was pure idea generation. The second wave was to gather consumer feedback on a handful of those ideas. was able to help us even when local agencies told us our idea was impossible. By having conversations online, we didn’t interrupt anyone’s vacations, but were still able to talk to our target market: young weekend travelers on a budget. Through our conversations, we were able to develop an idea that became our ‘Let’s Get Lost’ campaign.
Using was quick, easy and agile.” – Imre Kiss, Customer Insights and Research Manager

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