How to Bring Your Online Qualitative Research Results to Life.

Despite the importance of qualitative reporting and research, clients can often struggle with getting excited by online qualitative research data. In order to make the most of every interview or focus group, it is important to give the words and information real meaning and life. Demonstrating compelling evidence as to how people feel about marketing messages or concepts in the real world can make an immense amount of difference to success in any venture. The most effective method of getting this goal accomplished is to convert the market research data that you have completed and bring it to life on video. This approach makes the information vibrant and versatile. The information that you have to share instantly makes a stronger impact and becomes a more effective tool for making changes to your business.

The process of converting the data and comments acquired from focus groups into a video format that engages viewers can be difficult at times. However, there are some proven strategies for converting this information in a coherent and powerful video that can even tell a story. The first key is to identify themes and trends in responses that allow you to synthesize the large amount of information. Once you have a coherent direction based on themes and consensus, you can begin to weave stories and points based on insights and focus groups. Take note of particularly powerful statements or points that can allow things to stay focused even when you see differing opinions. At this point, organization is is extremely important for moving forward. Lastly, organize the media into small segments or pieces of film that are digestible by viewers. Make space for the necessary quotes as you begin to see the final product take shape.

It is also important to have the right tool on hand for projects such as these. ClipMaker from Discuss.IO is a qualitative research analytics tool that excels in efforts such as these. It can handle all sorts of different information that is disseminated in a variety of ways that include focus groups and online qualitative interviews. An entire suite of tools is available to researchers with the use of this service, making the process one that is fluid with effective results for each and every project. This software dramatically reduces the additional time needed to convert gathered footage, analysis, and transcription into a polished product that is suitable for any presentation environment. Start enriching your data today by taking the right approach with the right technology.

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