In looking for a video platform to effectively engage with customers and perform the market research you need, don’t just settle for a chat tool that simply allows you to have virtual conversations. The real advantage for companies in reaching out to customers via video is to be able to enhance and manage the customer experience while gaining insights you can share with others in the organization to help create strategies and a marketing plan to take your business to the next level.’s robust and secure corporate-ready platform solution gives you the ability to go beyond just having a video conversation with one customer or a group of customers for interviews, market research and follow-ups. Our smart market research platform brings added value to every customer conversation you have in a number of ways:


Keep discussions and interviews on track

Unlike Zoom or other video platforms, you’re able to keep your conversations and discussions on point and organized with an interactive whiteboard and integrated discussion guide you create. (If you don’t have a discussion guide, our professional team can put one together based on your goals.) You can also choose to moderate the discussion or request a professional moderator from our network.


As you go through your questions with your customers, the platform automatically annotates the transcript and video timeline. You are then able to get to the answers you need most, organize the answers for cross-referencing, pinpoint patterns, and share your findings with staff members. When speaking with/interviewing international clients, there is a built-in translator (up to 17 languages) so literally nothing will get lost in translation.


Capture important moments and insights throughout the discussion or interview

During the session, you can bookmark important discussion points while it’s top of mind using’s “Saved Moments” feature. You don’t have to jot down something that resonated with you during the discussion or remember to go back and find the customer’s response. Just bookmark the standout statements and responses during the discussions and the platform will automatically create a short video of the moments you have saved.


You can also choose to easily edit the footage with your “saved moments” to present a high-impact video highlighting the most salient insights to your organization’s stakeholders. Forget having to sift through hours of footage to get to the heart of the discussion and research findings, or having to ask for staff notes to determine what stood out during the video conversation. With, you’ll never lose an idea or suggestion again.


Leverage insights for product development, enhanced service delivery

Because you can easily capture and organize key insights during your customer conversations, you have a working platform to help turn your market research into gold. These insights when analyzed by you and your staff will enable you to formulate strategies as part of your overall business plan on how to move the organization forward. This could mean using customer responses and input to gain market share over the competition by improving existing products or developing a new line of products. It could mean expanding your geographic footprint or entering an entirely new market.


The research may also shape your messaging and the way you market and advertise your products or services overall or by region (i.e. the platforms you use such as social media, print, television, email blasts, etc.), depending on cultural differences and nuances you may discover during your interviews.


Based on the discussion guide you developed for your sessions, you may find improvements need to be implemented to enhance your servicing as a result of your customers’ experiences and how they view your staff’s responsiveness and performance in certain areas. Again, because the platform enables you to highlight in real time key takeaways and insights, you can easily share emerging patterns with the department heads to find solutions to issues revealed during the video conversation. Of course, you can also address any issues on the spot if the appropriate staff members are involved in the discussions.


We invite you to book a demo with us to see for yourself how the platform can enhance your customer experience management and help you optimize the insights you gain from your conversations.


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