3 Ways to Combine Communities with Live Video Qualitative

There is no better combination than peanut butter and chocolate. Salty and sweet join to give you the best of both worlds.

The same can be said for research methods. Some go together better than others. Quantitative surveys and qualitative research is a natural combination that happens frequently but one that we see more and more often at Discuss is with communities and live video qual.

Communities allow you to have consistent access to your target audience over the course of weeks, months or even years. They can be small with only 40 people or can exceed 2,000 respondents — allowing researchers to capture both quantitative and qualitative feedback consistently.

While communities are a great tool to stay close to customers, sometimes there is a need to talk to a select group of individuals in real time to dive deeper on a certain topic. Using a tool built for video insights, you can seamlessly connect respondents from a community directly to a live interview or focus group.

Here are a few ways that we see our clients combining the two approaches to deliver the ultimate customer story.

1) Customer Experience

Dive deeper with customers to understand their needs and motivations to increase customer value and reduce churn.

Use Case Example: Over the course of Brand X’s community, they discovered a downward trend in customer service satisfaction. With Discuss, Brand X invited a group of customers from their community to understand why they were unsatisfied and how Brand X could improve their customer service experience.

2) Product Intelligence

Uncover consumer preferences and unmet needs to inform product roadmap and direction.

Use Case Example: Brand Y was scoping out a new pricing package and wanted to identify any potential concerns before finalizing their concept to test. Prior to conducting their survey activity with their community, Brand Y used Discuss to uncover any potential concerns and to confirm the new pricing meets their customer’s needs.

3) Brand Perception

Understand customers’ emotions, expectations, and preferences to cultivate brand trust.

Use Case Example: Brand Z used the insights from their community to develop new ad campaigns. After testing the new ad videos with their community, they were unable to declare a winning concept. With Discuss, Brand Z invited select respondents to participate in real-time, individual interviews to dive deeper into the ad videos. Using the community feedback along with the video insights, Brand Z was able to uncover a clear winning ad.

Want to start integrating Discuss into your communities? We’d love to connect with you to share how you can get started today.

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