Feature Series: Programmatic Recruiting

Panelist recruitment is one of the biggest pains for market researchers. It’s time consuming, challenging, and costly, but unfortunately, it can’t be avoided.

Depending on your screening criteria and market, we have a tool that can find your target demographic: Programmatic Recruiting.

Discuss.io’s self service SaaS application enables decision-makers to instantly target their desired niche demographic and elicit answers on a variety of market research topics, from product development and optimization, to brand and segment exploration, to testing for advertising, package design, and web concepts. The Programmatic Recruiter is a tool that is designed to take the challenges out of recruiting these niche demographics, making finding participants quick and easy.

In order to do this, brands simply input the variables that correspond with their desired consumers into the Programmatic Recruiter. From there, the Programmatic Recruiter does the heavy lifting, pooling participants from a community of over 15 million consumers globally. At Discuss.io, we understand that conducting research is not as simple as filling the Meeting Room with the correct number of participants. Rather, it is about having the right people in those rooms – people who are articulate and expressive about their unique perspectives, not simply head-nodders. Following recruitment and prior to your session, participants are screened for quality assurance. Quality participants leads to quality insights.

Using traditional methods, brands and researchers’ recruitment range is limited by geography. Because traditional methods require being in person, researchers will often connect with consumers in one to four major cities per country while traveling around a region. Not only does this method require expensive and time-consuming travel, but it can also limit access to valuable consumers, especially those in rural areas who are hard to access. With Discuss.io, brands can now not only conduct research in up to three countries in a single day, but they are also able to access consumers who were previously inaccessible- all while gathering richer insights, and never having to leave their office! By eliminating a need for travel, brands save time and money, reducing their time to market. Projects that previously took months can now be completed in a matter of days.

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