Introducing Self Captures, Our Newest Way to Turn Experiences Into Insights

I couldn’t be more excited to give a brief introduction of some great new capabilities that we’re adding to our
People Experience Platform.

As our customers already know, for the last decade Discuss has been helping researchers and teams around the globe turn experiences into insights — mainly we’ve been doing this through a robust set of capabilities around live conversations, or what we refer to as Discuss Live. More recently, we’ve enabled our customers to upload any mp4 or other media into our AI-powered insights extraction engine as part of Discuss Collections, in order to save those ‘ah ha’ moments and in turn, understanding the sentiment and finding the key themes from in-depth conversations and interviews.

But now we’re adding significantly to our platform with an entirely new set of capabilities that we’re calling ‘Self Captures’ to make it even easier for our
customers to further scale their efforts in getting in-depth feedback and insights quickly.

We’ve already had several customers using this for a few months now and the feedback has been fantastic in that it’s helping them have more in-depth conversations faster, enabling more agile research. And from a recent conversation with Camille Denis, the International Insights Director at Kraft Heinz, it was great to hear the excitement for this new addition to the platform. She, like so many of our customers, sees Self Captures giving her teams more potential options for gaining in-depth feedback when it’s part of one single platform that is also supporting their live, moderated feedback research projects.

We know that there’s a need for CX, UX, and MRX teams to use this feature, but we’ve also seen the opportunity for respondents to give feedback through an increasingly dominant mode of communicating — short form video. The impact of customer taken video that can be leveraged for marketing purposes is apparent, yet many teams that are looking for in-depth feedback from target audiences don’t leverage this mode of communication. We want to change that.

As you can imagine, the ability to manage short form, customer-driven feedback under a platform that also provides moderated discussions, runs everything through an insights engine, and cuts down on time and resources, is a welcome resource for anyone looking to better understand their target audiences – their changing attitudes, perceptions, buying behaviors, etc. – on a regular basis. I was having a conversation just the other day with a very large global customer of ours, and she was telling me that her team has been loving Self Captures because of how it’s become an opportunity to increase productivity — both for her team and for the respondents she’s working with, busy moms. It’s simply more convenient to ask for feedback from respondents on their own time, and to be able to capture those experiences quickly with a one-stop solution.

Self Captures is all about giving our customers and their target audiences more flexibility as they’re trying to understand those experiences and that sentiment, their ongoing attitudes and so forth. I hope that more market insights, marketers, product developers, brand managers and others are able to unlock the potential of this exciting new feature.

An easy way to see how this approach can positively impact your business is to check out our latest webcast with Georgie Farmer, Global Insights and Analytics Manager at Reckitt. Georgie will dive into how they’ve used self captures and how it fits into their agile strategy the video self-capture approach for research in our latest webcast. Our Discuss Product Marketing Director, Jilleun Eglin, will also join Georgie to walk through the capabilities that Self Captures brings to customers.

Register for the webcast to learn how Reckitt’s gaining quick, in-depth feedback that was not possible before Discuss Self Captures.

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