GRIT Report Recognizes As 36th Most Innovative Firm

The 17th edition of Greenbook’s GRIT Report has arrived. There’s a lot of data about the market industry in general, as well recent trends. One prime reason we’re writing this blog, however, is to also celebrate. debuted as one of the most innovative research firms of 2015! We, of course, are ecstatic that our colleagues are recognizing our hard work.  We are incredibly proud to be part of that effort, as well receive such esteem.

Validity, speed, and variety are crucial for any qualitative project. In the past that meant big budgets, tight spending, and far too much travel. Production of content and products, however, is speeding up without any indication of stopping. Traditional qualitative research is put aside as a result. Not good, as these studies provide critical insight into customer appeal and market placement.

The GRIT Report offers some key insight into why this is the case, and why marketing firms like are adding more to the table. The Executive Summary’s top concerns for market researchers include a few doozies, all of which we handle one way or another.


Innovating and adopting technology is a prime challenge for 44% of market researchers. Our platform in among the most bandwidth-efficient in the entire industry, vital for HD audio and video feeds. Real time detail makes or breaks a qualitative interview, and HD allows researchers to fully observe a participant’s’ reaction to stimuli.

Additionally, our platform is equipped with tools to process and share data in far less time. Find highlights through transcripts synchronized with video, cut clips, screen share, and moderate over two dozen participants at once. Capability is important, but it only remains potential without usability. We design our frontend for quick, intuitive navigation that near anybody can grasp in little to no time.

Impactful Reporting

Consultation methods are a prime challenge for 39% of market researchers. Stories, narratives, and other methods of explaining insights are important for both presenting and explaining qualitative data. Video unto itself is a compelling medium, yes. Where particularly shines, however, is the ability to offer hybrid quant/qual evaluations. These bring in insight from larger subject pools, but with the same authenticity and depth as regular qualitative interviews. Doing so in the past was prohibitively expensive, not to mention incredibly slow. Findings that require months of scheduling and coordination through traditional means can happen through in little as 48 hours.

Data Management

Collecting, finding, and managing data was a major challenge for 30% of all market researchers. The world is a big place and the internet is its biggest network. Lack of data is never the problem, but finding it is. 70 marketers surveyed by Greenbook believe demand for surveys will slow within the next 5 years. To quote the GRIT Report, “Market research surveys. It’s too slow. Everything will be online with lots of in the moment snapshots.”

Speed and depth of insight are all important for research, output, and ROI. We are well aware of the time and effort that organizing a study requires. More intrinsically, we are also aware of importance of origin. Not only happy to consult and provide direction, also vets participants to ensure they actually plug into your market. Valid, easily manageable data is becoming more and more simple to obtain, so long as marketers go through the right service. With a subject pool of over 20 million participants, we manage data so you don’t have to. Processing data is far more efficient too, as our keyword-searchable video transcripts require about 30% less time than traditional methods.

Webcam-based Interviews: Still an Emerging Method

The entire research industry is recognizing these affordable, immediate benefits. The GRIT Report also finds that suppliers are using webcams 32% more than 2014, while buyers are using them 22% more. Such adoption is impressive, and bodes well for the industry’s increasing output and quality. With webcams, qualitative market research can better synchronize with development. Perfect for Agile processes, better cohesion allows for far quicker, more relevant content and products. At we are happy to contribute to such progress within the industry, and look forward to offering even more features and services in the near future. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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