Digital Agile Research Webinar: How Reckitt Scales In-Depth Insights

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The last two years have changed everything – especially how people socialize and connect with others. For Reckitt’s intimate wellness brands, this massive shift has led to a digital transformation initiative that emphasizes utilizing a more digital agile tool set. With a desire to better understand the sentiment and attitudes of key target audiences, and ultimately optimize messaging and marketing concepts, the team has taken a page out of the TikTok template for getting in-depth insights at scale.

Georgie Farmer, global insights and analytics manager, Reckitt, and Jilleun Eglin, director of product marketing,, discussed this new video self-capture approach and how they’re getting quick, in-depth feedback that was previously not possible.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The top use cases Georgie Farmer, Reckitt, sees for this TikTok-style of self-capture research.
  • The impact self-capture research has on informing key strategies.
  • The tools and tech to support this new approach to scaling in-depth insights.

Georgie Farmer, Global Insights and Analytics Manager, Reckitt
Jilleun Eglin, Director of Product Marketing,

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