mobile screen share app for market research A Full Video Market Research Platform PLUS Mobile Screen Sharing

Understanding the Users Mobile Experience Just Got Easy

Mobile phones and tablets are now the most important screen for your consumer brand. Shopping, research, communicating (texts > calls), navigating are all occurring more often on mobile than desktop worldwide. How your audience sees your mobile website or app directly impacts their experience, engagement, conversion and consequently – your bottom-line.

The Mobile Screen Share app seamlessly extends our industry leading online video research platform to include the users mobile phone or tablet screen as part of the consumer conversation.

Mobile Screen Sharing in Qualitative Research

Integrated WITH the Technology Platform

The Mobile Screen Share App is an extension of the platform which means that all of the pre, during and post session features we’ve built are part of the Mobile UX interview. See and hear the user, record and translate the conversation, capture and share clips with your team.

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Flexible Technology, Many Mobile Uses

Whether you are trying to understand if a mobile prototype “works”, where people really struggle with your mobile app, what to test next to get your mobile conversion rates up or why consumers are selecting your competitors over your product in Amazon – our Mobile Screen Sharing App can help you see what you’ve been missing.

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  • Use Mobile Screen Share early in the design and development process to refine scope, validate concepts, guide design decisions, and generate ideas for the product roadmap.

    Share wireframes,  prototypes, an app in TestFlight or the Google Play Console, or a finished product to bring user feedback into your Agile development process.

    Understand the differences between iOS and Android experiences to create a product users love.

  • Follow along as your consumer shops for your category or product in their favorite mobile app or website. See how your product appears in Amazon, how it compares to the competition, and learn how your consumer evaluates their choices. 

    Compare mobile experience vs desktop experience and talk to them about the differences and how that impacts their perception and shopping experience.


  • Be a fly on the wall while your target customer uses your competitor’s mobile product. Hear likes, dislikes, successes, and pain points while watching users interact with your competition to understand what’s working and where there are opportunities to make your mark.

  • Mobile traffic to websites is continuously increasing but conversion rates compared to Desktop are still dramatically lower. This is because most websites are still conceived and designed as a desktop experience.

    Use the mobile screen share app to understand your website in an entirely different way and dig into friction, trust, clarity and other issues that prevent visitors from converting.


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The new mobile screen sharing app has allowed us to take a complicated process that involved stitching together 5-6 separate video and research products into a single, easy to use flow. It’s easy to setup for both the respondent and our team and allows us to have backroom observers,  chat rooms and video recording all while watching the user’s mobile screen plus face, body language and voice.

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