Silos be gone! Democratizing the Voice of the Consumer Founder, Zach Simmons, recently published an article with The Marketing Society.

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In it, Zach discusses how access to data, both quantitative and qualitative, about consumers’ behavior has traditionally been limited by departmental silos. The voice of the consumer has long been in the exclusive domain of market research, limiting other stakeholders’ opportunity to engage in conversations with consumers for themselves. Too often, these silos result in a disconnect in what consumers actually want and what brands believe consumers will want.

By breaking down silos and allowing nontraditional stakeholders have the opportunity for greater consumer engagement that will drive them to make better, real-time business decisions that will lead to reduced time to market, successful products, and more effective marketing. Increasingly, brands are seeing opportunities to adopt the processes and tools to democratize the voice of the consumer, enabling many stakeholders to engage in conversations with consumers, so that everyone can prosper. If these are the kinds of challenges your teams face, we would love to hear from you.