New and improved transcripts are here!

Improved transcripts

So, you’ve just had a conversation (or many!) with a consumer and learned a lot about their life. Fantastic! You’re feeling impacted by what they said and want to pull out a couple of verbatims to share with your team. You want them to feel a connection with the consumer, just like you did!

You’re in luck. With’s new-and-improved transcription experience, finding consumer verbatims and clips is super easy.

Finding key learnings is now easier than ever: we’ve simplified the way that transcripts are displayed, making pauses in speech clearly discernible and added in word by word tracking that’s automatically synchronized to the video. As always on, a keyword search of the transcript makes it easy to find critical moments. Poignant learnings can easily be highlighted and exported to video clips to share with your team.

Machine transcription is now estimated at an impressive 85% accuracy rate in English! Currently, we support machine transcriptions in 64 languages, up from 5. If you’re looking for even greater accuracy, we also support human transcripts in 17 languages.

Having conversations with consumers around the world and sharing those learnings is easy with Start a conversation with us to learn more.